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Love: theBalm Instain Blush

Oily girls rejoice! There's a new blush in town that'll defy the sebum and the sweat. theBalm Instain Blush (P895 from Beauty Bar) promises to be a staining powder blush. Indeed, this is one of the longest-wearing cheek colors I've ever tried! It sticks so well that it barely fades even after I've worn it for eight hours. I have yet to try it for longer than that time, but I can imagine that it can last up to ten.

Other than the staying power, I love the finish of Instain. It's, how do I say's like another layer of skin. It doesn't look like it's sitting on top of the cheeks like a powdery monster; it's how my skin would look if it were blushing at the moment. It's not a flat matte but it's not shiny or shimmery either.

Okay I think I have it. The finish is like a cheek stain's, except that it's in powder form! It doesn't actually stain the skin though, which makes for hassle-free removal at the end of the day.

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Mascara Week: theBalm What's Your Type? The Body Builder Mascara

Ebooks are convenient to read. I don't have to turn the light on and off, and I can lie down on any side, put my arms anywhere. Printed books, compared to stuff I just read on my phone, are inconvenient and prone to murder by a dog who loves paper. Still, I always seem to walk out with something whenever I pass by a book store.

I've read H.P. Lovecraft before and loved his macabre yet awe-inspiring stories. I remember seeing the Necronomicon in National Bookstore many years ago, but I was poor enough (first job!) to feel that P800 was too much for one book. I wanted it badly though; I went back for it a week after. Unfortunately, it was already out of stock! It's one of those books that I just need a copy of. In my hands. Finally got it yesterday!

I also grabbed Neil Gaiman's newest novel, The Ocean at the End of the Lane. I've read a few pages and already I can see how this is different from his other works. It starts with a feeling of slow dread. I can't wait to see where it will take me.

Well anyway, we're actually here to talk about mascara. Haha. This time, I'll be reviewing theBalm What's Your Type? The Body Builder Mascara (price to follow, available in Beauty Bar). 

On a side note: I wonder if there's, like, a world competition for crazy mascara names?

It may be too soon to say, but I LOVE this mascara. It's my first time to try a theBalm product for lashes! So happy it didn't disappoint.

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