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An evening at The Spa

I'm stressed out lately. Well, who isn't? My excuse is that I'm busy with my new work, juggling all my other priorities, and then there are all these issues plaguing the local blogging community right now. I just want to go on vacation - again.

I'll be vacationing with the family in a couple of weeks, but for the meantime the next best thing to do is to visit a spa. I got a gift certificate  for a free facial at The Spa a couple of weeks back (won it from a contest). I finally made time to use it last Monday, and I enjoyed it so much that I decided to pay for a massage! That explains my good mood. :D

I first visited The Spa last year when I treated our Asian Secrets bride, Kirby, to the Bonifacio High Street branch. Just stepping through the wide doors gave me such a rich sensory experience that I promised myself I'd go back. You'll understand me when you go in, too - there's this sweet tangerine smell that immediately surrounds you.

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