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Friday night out

I very rarely go out with my friends, which something I should definitely change this year. I have to stop being lazy about going out of the house no! So last Friday, I got Mara, Kira (plus Mark), and Ozy to have dinner and just chill. We went to Ristras for the homey Mexican food.*

Bad lighting, huhu

I wore a pair of one-of-a-kind leggings I got from Streets of Seoul. It has a mesh front with strips of black crisscrossing it, while the back part is actually opaque. Rad! It instantly adds an edge to any look. I got a lot of compliments because of this. Sadly, you can't get another one if you're interested, since it is literally only one piece at the store.  Still, you ought to visit since there are other great finds.

Thrifted leather jacket/ Hanes t-shirt/ Thrifted bodycon skirt/ Streets of Seoul leggings

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Streets of Seoul sells edgy and affordable fashion

A friend of mine recently launched her own online shop called Streets of Seoul. Chrissy is a professional fashion merchandiser venturing in the world of e-commerce, and I have to say, she does a wonderful job! The clothes are edgy, looking like something you can find off Topshop or Mango. Nonetheless, they're very affordable, selling for only an average of P500-700.

Check out my top picks:

004b.jpg 290×520 pixels

Everyone needs a faux leather biker jacket in their life. Now that the biker look is hot stuff at 2011, there's no reason not to get one that looks like it will fit gorgeously - for only P900, too!

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