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The Body Shop Shimmer Cubes Palette 30 and Lip Gloss in Vanilla

Sue me, I have a lot of eyeshadows yet to be written about! They will always be my greatest weakness, along with lipsticks. Now I know many of you ain't a fan of wearing a lot of eye makeup but I hope you'll consider this palette from The Body Shop. It's part of their Spring 2014 Collection along with a pink version, two new glosses, and hair chalk!

I've seen the pink Shimmer Cubes, which are cute, but I think the Shimmer Cubes Palette 30 (P1,295) here is more wearable for Asian skin. They are quite shimmery but I think that the finish isn't all that distracting. Shimmery neutrals are appropriate for any occasion as long as you don't splash it thickly over your eye area.

Let's get started! I've tried TBS Shimmer Cubes a loooooong time ago and was thoroughly unimpressed by the pigmentation. But that was before. Now, the colors are super pigmented! You won't even need to wear a primer to make the colors solid. In fact I'd recommend applying the colors wet instead. They'll stick and won't crease too much, even after three hours.

Top, L-R: Dusty Fawn, Rich Espresso | Bottom, L-R: Burnished Gold, Warm Copper

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