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This is why soap is bad for your face

We strongly advocate the use of low pH cleansers for the facial skin here at Project Vanity. It's not just a matter of preference; low pH cleansers actually function to preserve the acidic mantle that keeps our skin healthy. Unfortunately, there are products marketed for facial cleansing that have high pH levels. They may come in the form of bars, foams, creams or even gels but for this discussion, we'll refer to this kind of cleansers as "soaps". If you use soap to cleanse your face, you may want to stop for a moment and read on why it’s doing you more harm than good.

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Snoe White Beauty Bars

Thanks for the well wishes, guys, I am feeling much better now. I have a horrible croaky voice though...not cool because I need to be at my best tomorrow. Good lord. This week will be crazy, again.

Anyway! I just wanted to talk about the Snoe White Beauty Bar (P139), particularly the Exfoliating Oatmeal Beauty Bar. It's what I've been using in the shower lately since it's pretty good. Let me tell you why!

  • Has this nice oatmeal yogurt scent that's very relaxing. Doesn't smell too chemical.
  • Incredibly sudsy and slinky.
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