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Christmas treats from SMART

Are you feeling Christmas in the air? I sure am! It's not just the cool air in the evening - mornings are misty, more gentle. And the smell! The holiday season has a scent to it. I don't know, maybe I'm just crazy but if you agree please assure me I'm not. :P

Anyway! I just thought to share Smart's Christmas promos. With the “All I Want for Christmas is Bro” holiday promo you get a FREE eco bag with every holiday purchase of a Bro product. The bag is entirely environmentally friendly and a good place to stash away all your new holiday beauty products, shopping or wardrobe for travel! 

Smart is also holding a massive contest where 50 winners shall receive a much-coveted gadget. If you want to join the fun, do check out the contest mechanics. (You can view bigger images by opening them in a new tab)

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How I #LiveMore by being connected

Sharing (and knowing) things as they happen is probably one of the coolest things in the 21st century. It's mindblowing that you can snap a photo and have it up within a minute for all your friends to see, and vice versa! I usually use my cellphone to share photos but sometimes, if I just happen to be in front of my Macbook Air, I take pics with Photobooth instead. 

I've already mentioned our Huawei MiFi device before. It's a handy portable router that you can use ANYWHERE - at least, in all the places I've been to! We use a SMART sim with it and are patrons of the Smart Bro UnliSURF 50 (unlimited browsing for 24 hours). It's hella reliable.

Let me tell you a story. Last year we were in Bellarocca, Marinduque, when the devastating earthquake hit Japan. Bellarocca's internet wasn't working at that time, so we had to resort to using our MiFi to get information. We wanted to know if we would be hit by a tsunami! Lol.

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Chic and connected

The cool thing about my job is that I can work anywhere most of the time. It means that I can multi-task and shoot down errands whenever I need to! I just have to be connected to my email accounts (five of them) at all times, which my Blackberry takes care of. For heavier work like Facebooking, blogging, editing photos, or anything involving documents, I turn to my ever reliable Macbook Air.

A few weeks back, we had our condo fumigated, so I had to bring Snaps to the day care for a few hours. Try Pup Culture btw, if you're looking for a great day care center for your dog. Anyhoo! That day I decided to kill three birds with one stone: take my dog to Pup Culture, do my bank errands, and work. For the latter I decided to park myself at Bubble Tea. I love their tea and the Japanese food!

It's in the tiny bubbles!

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