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New brand alert: essence is now in Manila!

I was trawling Mall of Asia yesterday with my mom when I saw a stall I have never seen before. I asked the sales lady when it arrived and she said it's been there since February 16! The brand website doesn't offer much information, but it's pretty obvious that the products are targeted towards tweens and teenagers (Justin Beiber for the win!).

Presenting, essence, a drugstore cosmetics brand from Germany. It's now in the Philippines!

The enormous display drew me in but the prices kinda blew my mind. Most of the items were being sold for under P250, with the cheapest going for as low as P79 a piece. Not bad eh? I swatched a few products and found them okay for the price. Not too bad but not "omg gotta have this" good (at that time).

Eyeshadow singles for P119

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New clothes at SM Department Store

I was at SM Mall of Asia last night. A visit isn't complete without checking out the clothes in the department store, of course! My favorite brand there, Soiree, has restocked so yay for that. The teens wear department also has new interesting things. I wasn't able to take any photos, but I happened to come by an SM catalogue in Facebook while finalizing my Avon contest (plz join ok?).

Here are some of my favorite clothes and looks:

orange soiree

I am smitten with the cool shades of tangerine and other citrusy fruits like lime and lemon for this season. It's so refreshing to the eyes no? They're so easy to pair with any ol' pair of denim, tan, brown, or white pieces. I just want to say though, the bright fuchsia lip on the models rather clash with the orange. The MUA could have used a complementing shade like a glossy pink or peach.

betty cothes

Here's another trend I like - solid colors! And LOTS of them.

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Beauty Treats, a new mineral makeup brand in SM

I was on my way home from the PFW opening night when I had an inexorable urge to visit the Beauty section in the department store. I immediately saw a mineral makeup brand I've never seen before: Beauty Treats! I checked the prices and oh boy, these are cheap. Most of the products are under P500. I was delighted to see a pressed face powder, since I've been dreaming of one that's cheap AND mineral for the longest time. I grabbed it without a second thought.

IMG_0108 by project_vanity.


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Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2010 Opening Night

IMG_0061 by project_vanity.

I was at the PFW Opening Night last Wednesday to witness the top designers and retailers in the country show off their latest designs. I made it to the Visions and Trends/Design Fusion Collection where Anna Leah Salvador, Aries Lagat, Benjie Pañizales, Don Protasio, Enrico Carado, Happy Andrada, Harley Ruedas, Jaki Peñalosa, Jan Garcia, Martin Bautista, Mitzi Quilendrino-Bustos, Nolie Viñeza, Norman Noriega, Patrick Galang and Raoul Ramirez presented. SM also showed off their latest designs already (or soon to be) available in their department stores.


Click here for more photos by Francis Tuason for thePOC

I love PFW for what it is trying to do - to showcase Filipino talent, especially young designers who are trying to get a leg up on the first rung of the fashion ladder. However, I think that the designs, while beautiful and obviously made with attention to detail, are too safe. To put it bluntly, some of the designs were unoriginal. A lot of the pieces showcased in the Visions and Trends show were cocktail dresses or evening gowns that capitalized on existing trends or took their inspirations too literally to the point of becoming costume-y.

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Beauty By SM

When it comes to beauty and the dedication that goes into the pursuit of it, no one understands the zest and inspiration it requires more than beauty experts who know what is required behind the scenes of beauty" - Victoria Encarnacion, Beauty By SM Director for Marketing

Wanna know what my top two favorite makeup places in Manila are? The SM Mall of Asia and the SM Makati beauty aisles! I also love their Watson branches. First, the makeup counters and personal care stands are always well-stocked and updated. Second, the aisles are wide and easy to navigate. Lastly, the place looks bright, airy, and clean. Very conducive to makeup shopping since we need good lighting to see how the product looks on our faces.

Thus, it was with great excitement that I attended the official launch of Beauty By SM. Basically, it's the upgraded SM Makati beauty area with new brands, new interior design, and more organized divisions. The place is now snazzy and posh, thanks to the people behind SM. They realized that the modern women's needs and tastes have evolved so they evolved right along with it.

Loved what they did with the place! It's definitely worth a visit. Now, I'm sure you're curious about the new, exclusive brands that they have onboard. I took pictures of the counters so you can check them out. 


This is the most interesting brand that I saw. It's marketed as makeup for professional artists and, what do you know, the quality actually seems to be up to par. The price is quite nice, too.

Extremely silky! The small eyeshadows were P350 while the big version is P399. If you're sick of neutrals not showing up, this is something you should try

Blushes at P450. Not bad eh? They're quite big.

Colorescience has perhaps been one of the best-reviewed mineral makeup brands out there! I've tested some of their products and I'm seriously blown away by the quality. I was also blown away by the price.

Click click!

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