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Why you have to try the In Her Element Sunflower Wash-Off Cleansing Oil

Hello, it’s here! My team and I have been working on the In Her Element Sunflower Wash-Off Cleansing Oil (P695/110ml) since late last year and I’m so pleased that it’s finally out! As someone who adores ridiculously loud eyeshadow, thick lashes, and full-coverage foundation, a good cleansing oil that removes even waterproof makeup is a non-negotiable for me. It has to wash off cleanly with water, too, without me needing to do a second pass to erase everything. I ain’t got time for non-emulsifying cleansing oils!

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Why Olay’s Magnemask Infusion is the new face mask to add to your skincare routine

With so many face masks in the market, it’s become daunting to find the best face mask for me. There are just so many options, at different price points, with Western brands catching up on the trend started by Asian brands. I think it’s a welcome development, as we benefit from different beauty philosophies and gain access to a wider array of formulations. I recently had a good experience with Olay’s Power Duo, so I was eager to see what their just-released Magnemasks Infusion face mask sheets could do for my skin.

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Don't think for a minute that BB creams can take the place of skincare

I was blowdrying my hair at the country club after tennis when I heard two women conversing about their makeup routines. One woman said, "You just really need BB cream. It's already sunscreen, moisturizer, primer, anti-aging, and foundation in one!" Her friend was obviously impressed by this and went on to ask about which BB creams are good to try. I wanted to butt in and give my feedback but I didn't know them and it might be weird, so instead I'm writing this post in the hopes of helping everybody out!

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Skin type vs. skin concern: What’s more important?

We love connecting to the PV Community through our Facebook group, where members ask for advice and swap recommendations. Many of the questions we get are about which skin care product would work best for them. This is a tough question to answer; how can we make skincare recommendations for others who may have vastly different skin and preferences compared to ours? This depends on so many factors!

However, I’ve realized that there are two major considerations when choosing skin care: skin type (dry, oily, combination, normal) and skin concern (acne, redness, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, etc). It can add to the confusion of what kind of product you should use so when it comes down to choosing, which one really matters more?

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These are six common skincare gimmicks we've all fallen for

The world of beauty seems to have grown overnight. Being a beauty fanatic and skin care addict, I have mixed feelings about it. My first thought was, YAAASSSS finally there are so many new things to try! But a few seconds later, I realized: there are SO MANY things to try! I suddenly can’t cope with all of these new products, innovations, and, let’s face it - gimmicks.

I do understand that the beauty industry is even more competitive now. Brands are pressured to come up with standout products that can get them #trending both online and off. I personally find that there’s a very thin line separating the ingenious and the gimmicky though so here’s a rundown of what works and what doesn't, based on what I've tried so far!

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The Phuket Diary: A Cetaphil Experience to remember

There are many exciting innovations in skincare today to the point that you can see an immediate effect overnight. This is why it's easy to pass over heritage brands like Cetaphil but I would like to argue the opposite: Cetaphil is, in fact, more relevant than ever for us skincare junkies. It has stood the test of time for 70 years because it's more than just your average skincare line. Cetaphil's philosophy centers around therapeutic skincare - skincare that is formulated specifically for people with compromised skin.

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Rave: Why La Mer The Concentrate is the best skincare product of the year

One of my pet peeves when it comes to beauty products? Crazy claims. Anyone who knows how to read labels can easily see past what the product promises heaven and earth to do. And so, as someone who has been doing this for almost ten years, I can be a little jaded when something like the La Mer The Concentrate comes my way. It promises to be "beauty's best kept secret" as it "improves tone and texture, deepens hydration and helps skin feel more like itself: flexible, resilient, soft, more supple."

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Editor's Picks: Things I sorely regret buying

I don't buy that many beauty things anymore due to the nature of my job. I get to try products for free plus I research thoroughly before dropping the dough on something I like! I often know what I want and what to avoid so I don't make that many mistakes when I finally commit to a purchase. Chalk it up to nine years of trying out hundreds upon hundreds of beauty products - I have high standards, but I also understand that what works for you might not work for me and vice versa.

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