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1-2-3 Easy: The 5 effective things I did to lessen the chicken skin on my legs

I was about 7 when I noticed that my body’s skin was a bit different from others. The skin on my upper arms and my legs look like they perpetually have goosebumps - they have raised bumps that feel coarse. The hair follicles appear redder than my actual skin color, too, so it sometimes looks like I have pimples over the rest of my body. They don’t itch or feel like anything really; they’re just there to make me feel conscious about wearing sleeveless tops and exposing my legs. I’ve since learned that there’s a name for my condition, and that it’s actually pretty common!

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Five ways to get the most out of your dermatologist visit

Thanks to the popularity of the 10-step Korean skincare routine, we are definitely learning to pay more and more attention to our body’s biggest organ and how to properly care for it. Many a beauty girl can reel off the various actives, acids, and -ides to look for to solve problems such as dark spots, fine lines, dry skin, and more. But while DIY-ing one’s personal skincare has never been easier, nothing quite beats medical advice, especially for more serious concerns such as milia, allergies, or premature signs of skin aging. In a sense, it’s like comparing WebMD to a visit with the doctor: the former may be useful for minor or short-term issues, but when facing major crises or long-term maintenance, you’re better off going in for that physical checkup.

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