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Skin type vs. skin concern: What’s more important?

We love connecting to the PV Community through our Facebook group, where members ask for advice and swap recommendations. Many of the questions we get are about which skin care product would work best for them. This is a tough question to answer; how can we make skincare recommendations for others who may have vastly different skin and preferences compared to ours? This depends on so many factors!

However, I’ve realized that there are two major considerations when choosing skin care: skin type (dry, oily, combination, normal) and skin concern (acne, redness, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, etc). It can add to the confusion of what kind of product you should use so when it comes down to choosing, which one really matters more?

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The Skincare Addict Reading List: 14 of our favorite online skincare resources

In an era where chok chok beauty dominates social media and glass skin has become the golden standard, more and more people are joining the skincare craze. As much as we want to try out every product that catches our eye though, we all know that building a skincare routine can really burn a hole in our pockets! Though there’s not much we can do about the product prices (except maybe pray for sales), there are other ways in making sure we make informed investments!

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