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Shiseido Week: Face Color Enhancing Trio in RD1 Apple

Makeup for me has never been a way to cover up my insecurities. Sure I'm grateful for the fact that my imperfections are hidden, but that's just secondary to how empowered makeup makes me feel. All these colors and bases and pretty little things allow me to express myself - that is, they allow other people to see me the way I see myself. 

How do I see myself? Well, I think I'm pretty even though my facial structure isn't traditionally beautiful. I've always thought of myself as an artsy person so I love expressing that through the color combinations I wear on my face. Is this how an insecure person with low self-esteem sounds? No. I hope the people who look down on us makeup lovers understand this one day!



Moving on! Today I'd like to tell you all about the Shiseido Face Color Enhancing Trio in RD1 Apple (P1,500+). This is the second Shiseido "blush" I've tried and I can tell you, it's really different! It's much less pigmented but it makes my skin glow gently. I say "blush" because it's more of a brightener and lifting powder than a color.

It's also not available in Japan. Momoko-san, Shiseido's trainer who recently visited the Philippines, actually got a few here since she won't be able to find it when she gets back!


This compact has three colors, a light pink, sheer tan, and peach highlighter. The powder is almost matte but it somehow gives the face a glow-from-within effect.

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Shiseido Week: Sheer Eye Zone Corrector

Summer is a time for wearing brighter colors and sheerer face bases. Yes, you heard it right - sheer! The thicker and heavier your base is, the more likely it is to melt noticeably under the heat. So if you're out for a few hours (or all day) everyday, stick to foundations, concealers, and powder that cover your issues juuuuuuust enough, but no more. This is the secret to looking fresh even when you sweat and oil up! 

Now one of my favorite ever concealers is the Shiseido Shiseido Natural Finish Cream Concealer. This offers heavy coverage and amazing staying power, plus the formula can be used for covering up blemishes and under eyes. There aren't many concealers that can do that! Nonetheless, I still love using sheer, brightening products on my eye bags. They appear more natural while still making my eyes look totes fresh (you'll see a pic later!).



That said, I am so happy I got a tube of the new Shiseido Sheer Eye Zone Corrector (P1,500+). This is a sheer, watery concealer that only offers light coverage yet seem to lift up my eyes with just one layer. It literally feels like nothing when worn! It also looks invisible as soon as you've blended it on. Your eyes will just look like they were lit up by ~magic~.


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Shiseido Week: UV Protection Compact Foundation SPF 35 PA+++

Last Saturday I decided, on a whim, that I wanted to go on an adventure. I usually roam inside the Fort or Makati area so I thought I'd go out of my comfort zone by visiting Divisoria. It's been five years since I was last there and my, how it has changed! There are like three malls separated from each other by a mere narrow street. Everything I can think of buying is all right inside the hundreds of little shops inside the malls!

However, I didn't actually buy much. I was specifically looking for art materials but couldn't find the store. -_- Well, at least I got to take home some washi tapes and statement accessories. Everything was so cheap!

And so we come to segue time, haha. I knew it was going to be hot and muggy in Divisoria so I chose a foundation that'll protect me from the sun while staying intact in the extreme humidity. Three guesses on what it was. 



Ta-dah! Check out the Shiseido UV Protection Compact Foundation with SPF35 PA+++ (price to be updated). As you know I really love its liquid counterpart, since it stays put even when I get super oily or splash around in the beach. You also can't beat the sun protection. The powder foundation promises to be water and oil-resistant as well - does it live up to its claims? 

Here's a rundown of what I like and don't like about this foundation! 


What I love about the product

  • It makes my skin look super smooth and silky. It has a matte finish but unlike other high SPF foundations this doesn't look white when worn. 
  • Coverage is light to medium, but buildable to a heavy one when applied wet with the sponge.
  • Staying power is awesome. I wore this for six straight hours and it didn't even fade or cake! I did get noticeably oily but only after three hours. That's a pretty good no-shine interval!
  • It contains SPF35 PA+++, which is a must in foundations for the summer.  
  • I didn't break out at all. I don't know how but my skin feels nice after I remove it. It actually has a cocktail of protective ingredients + hyaluronic acid.


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Shiseido Week: Lacquer Gloss in Plum Wine RS306

Yup, it's Shiseido Week again! I've been debating with myself whether I should do one whole post on the brand's Spring collection, but everything deserved their own features - that's how much I like them. :) I hope you can explore with me this week as I discuss the latest products from my favorite cosmetics brand in the world!


Let me begin with the Shiseido Lacquer Gloss in Plum Wine RS306 (P1,250). This is a super shiny, balm-thin lip gloss that feels slinky and plush on my lips. It's so thin, it almost feels like a watery lip balm! It's also fairly moisturizing that I don't need to prime my lips anymore.



Texture aside, the color is just right. It's not completely opaque - it's designed to be semi-sheer - so it allows the natural color of my lips to show through. I have even-toned lips so this isn't a problem, but if you have uneven coloration then it's best to wear this on top of a lip liner or lipstick. Either way, you'll be getting a beautiful, uber glossy finish that'll make your lips look full and sexy.

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Shiseido Week: White Lucent Brightening Spot-Control Foundation

If it's your first time to try Shiseido - gosh I hope not though because you're missing out! - anyway, if it's your first time at a counter you must consider getting three things first. That would be a lipstick, a foundation, and a skincare product. I've tested many of the brand's products extensively and these are the things that just stand out. You're not really experiencing Shiseido if you haven't gotten one or all of those three!

Anyway, here is my latest foundation find from the brand: the Shiseido White Lucent Brightening Spot-Control Foundation (P1,998 for the refill and P1,500 for the case). It's an ultra-silky, mid-coverage foundation with a matte finish and sun protection. I like it because, as with all the Shiseido foundies I've tried, it gives my skin a radiant, creamy finish even though I'm not wearing a liquid base underneath. You'll see a pic later!

What does it do? This foundation is supposed to whiten skin and help erase blemishes faster (hence the "spot-control" in the name), but perhaps I just haven't used it long enough to see results. Besides, I already use Shiseido Ibuki and have little blemishing left over.

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Shiseido Week: Luminizing Satin Eye Color in BR209

If you have a wardrobe of clothes, you also need a wardrobe of makeup. Okay maybe "need" isn't the right word, but admit it, it's fun to have different colors and formulas to play with! What many don't understand about those who love makeup is that it's not all for the sake of vanity. Collecting and learning about cosmetics is a thrill on its own. Just like with any hobby, we do it because we enjoy it.

Anyway, let's continue Shiseido Week! I have one last post for you tomorrow. Clue: it's about a powder foundation, again! But I'm getting ahead of myself. Let's chat about the Shiseido Lumizing Satin Eye Color in BR209 (P2,000+).

I adore bronze and gold on my eyes, so this palette was an obvious choice. It contains three rich eyeshadows - a mid bronze, a yellow gold, and a creamy sandy gold. All colors are pigmented, so much that you won't need a base to make them stand out. Of course, to make they stay on for over four hours, it's still best to use an eyeshadow primer.


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Shiseido Week: Sheer and Perfect Foundation

I've had my eye out on this the Shiseido Sheer and Perfect Foundation (P2,200) ever since I spotted it in counters last September. It promises to correct the "color noise" of the skin, which I understand to mean discolorations and general imperfections. It's also meant to be sheer - however, it's definitely not what I expected after the initial swatches!

This tiny bottle packs a punch. It has a medium coverage, just enough to even out the skintone and to soften blemishes as well as fine lines. It has a beautiful, dewy finish that intensifies as I oil up. Unsightly? Gross? Not at all! My skin looks very nice even though it's shiny with this foundie - it's like, I have another layer of skin, but better! It's not that much of a hassle for me to retouch every 2-3 hours.

Small bottle, yes, but it contains the standard amount - 30ml. This foundation is said to be equal to the Chanel Vitalumiere.

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Shiseido Week: Perfect Rouge Lipstick in Fleur OR341

It's Shiseido Week once again! This week I'll be talking about my new finds from one of my favorite brands ever. I was able to pull out some of the most interesting items in their store sooo watch out for those features in the next few days! Promise, you'll want to see what I chose for this week. ;) Anyway! I'll kick it off with a lipstick - the Shiseido Perfect Rouge Lipstick in Fleur OR341 (P1,250).

I say this over and over again: Shiseido lipsticks are super underrated. This is one of the best lipstick formulas I've tried to date, as they are super pigmented, fairly moisturizing, long-wearing, and comes in beautiful shades. Like Fleur here. This was part of the 2013 Spring Collection but I think it's still as relevant now as it was when it came out.

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Shiseido Week: How to use the Perfect Foundation Brush

Seamless and well-blended makeup is the best kind. To achieve it, use a stiff, buffing brush that can work the product into your skin, diffusing the pigments in the formula until they look practically invisible. One brush that is made for exactly that kind of thing is the Shiseido Perfect Foundation Brush (P1,500). This is so famous that a lot of other Asian brands have copied it already!


I've already done a full review of the brush, so this time I'll just be showing you a detailed step-by-step tutorial on how to use it and what you can use it with. It's a great brush not only for applying foundation and concealer, but for putting on liquid highlighter and blush as well. Let's get started!

Step 1: Pick your favorite liquid, cream, or in this case, mousse foundation. Apply the foundation in streaks all over your face. Then, spread the product all over your face with the brush. You're just aiming for coverage at this point. Add more on your problem areas but keep it sheer where your good skin is.

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Shiseido Week: Natural Finish Cream Concealer

I've been blogging for a while now, and in that time I've seen a nurse become a shoe designer, a web designer become a stylist to celebrities, and fresh grads into businesswomen. Blogging can change your life - I know this from first-hand experience. It can unlock your potential and turn your talent into something that earns money and a certain amount of fame. 

However, that all depends on how badly you want something. It depends on what you're willing to do to get what you want. I know it all sounds so ruthless, but that applies to pretty much any area of our lives. It's easy enough to want something; it's a totally different thing to want it badly enough to steadily work towards it for months or even years. Random thought. :) 

So! Here's a review of the latest concealer in my kit: the Shiseido Natural Finish Cream Concealer (P1,550). I bought this because I wanted something that's completely light and seamless on my skin. I'm used to heavy, opaque concealers that can cover anything I throw at them, but lately I've been enjoying better skin than usual. My usual concealers just look too thick on me even when I blend them the usual way!


This Shiseido liquid concealer has a very thin, buttery texture. The coverage is light to medium, although it can be layered to achieve complete opacity. The finish is a natural matte; no sheen, but it's not a dull matte either.

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Shiseido Week: Sun Protection Liquid Foundation SPF43

Tokyo is intensely hot and humid in the summer. That was quite a surprise! I thought that since Japan has winter the weather will be milder in the summer season. But that is not the case. It was already sweltering by 7:30 AM when I walked to a fish market near our hotel then! (Longest 5 kilometers of my life, btw.)

But that wasn't the most surprising thing. I noticed that even while I was sweating as if I'm in a bikram yoga class, everybody else looked fresh and composed. Take note, people walk ALL THE TIME, to everywhere, in Japan. How does their makeup stay on? I think they're on to something when it comes to the long-wearing makeup department!

Anyway! Here's another foundation review for you. The Shiseido Sun Protection Liquid Foundation (P1,750) says "very water-resistant" on the label. That's like, music to my ears! I have combination skin but my t-zone oils up anyway as if there's no tomorrow. I need something that can stay there and won't dissolve when I sweat. Does this stay true to its promise, then?

Texture. This watery foundation sticks to skin like a second layer. It has a thin, runny texture that's easy to spread all over, but you do have to work quickly to blend it in perfectly. Fingers or a dense brush are your best bets when applying this liquid foundation!

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Shiseido Week: Shiseido Perfect Mascara

A natural-looking mascara product might sound counterintuitive, but I'm sure that a lot of women just need a bit of enhancement on their lashes. They are ones who are gifted with as lush fringe so they don't really need a lot of goop to bring out the natural fullness of their lash line.

If you're one of those women, then you'd love the Shiseido Perfect Mascara (P1.000+).

This mascara has a thin texture that's enough to keep the curl of the lashes, but not to add a lot of volume on the first coat. You'll need to build it up lash by lash if you want a thick fringe. Two layers will get you natural, curved lashes, which like I said above is something other people might prefer.

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Shiseido Week: Sheer Matifying Compact Foundation

Realization: my Tweets read like t-shirt slogans. They are vague, sometimes sardonic, but often obnoxious. I write them when I am seized with A Thought that just needs to be farted out to the world. If I don't say it, then it will die in my head and no one else will know how witty I am.

That's what I think anyway. I'm not really a witty person, I just have witty things to blurt out from time to time.

So! Today I'm going to review the Shiseido Sheer Matifying Compact Foundation (P1,650 for the refill). This is a lovely foundation with a crazy smooth texture and medium to heavy coverage. It's something I can recommend to oily girls, since it delays The Shining longer and wears well throughout the day.

Let's do a rundown!

What I love about the product

  • It delivers a silky smooth finish that makes my face look flawless. It's predominantly matte, but there is a sliiiight hint of glow on the high points of my face, when I'm looking at it in direct sunlight. 
  • It has medium to heavy coverage; if you use the sponge, it can already cover minor blemishes and uneven areas by itself. If you want sheerer coverage then use a powder brush.
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Shiseido Week: Perfect Rouge Lipstick in Fuchsia RS320

One of the readers said last Saturday, "I think I cant afford Shiseido. But do you think it is worth saving up for? I mean if I were to buy cosmetics, should I go for Shiseido rather than the more affordable but quality products [out there]?" 

I've answered a similar question like this before in my Why Luxury post. But I suppose it's worth answering again in the context of Shiseido. Why Shiseido, then? I think that they spend enormous amounts of money and work on their products. I think they are obsessive about detail (which is a pervasive Japanese quality, from what I've observed first-hand). Their products have always worked well with my skin type and tone. They have a rich history, and this (along with the packaging) gives me a small thrill of luxury whenever I use one of their products.

If you have the cash to blow on beauty products then I highly recommend Shiseido to be one of your first stops. ;) If you're on a budget then there are definitely a lot of other options that work well for the price. Or, you can always consider Majolica Majorca or ZA Cosmetics, which are Shiseido's direct drugstore counterparts.

So! For round two of Shiseido Week, I'm going to start with the Perfect Rouge Lipstick in Fuchsia RS320 (P1,250). This is a gorgeous magenta-fuchsia lipstick that has a creamy feel and a luscious sheen. The color is opaque in one swipe, and it lasts for a good amount of time (about five hours) as long as you don't eat or drink.


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Shiseido Week: My top five favorite products

So how was your weekend? Mine was busy and I wish it was longer, but ain't that typical! I'm just trying to rest as much as I can before my 6:30 AM yoga class tomorrow. I thought I'd blog to just keep my head clear while waiting for dinner to be delivered. 

Let's get cracking! I wanted to close my Shiseido Week with a list of my best finds. I'm thinking I should end all my "branded" themed weeks this way so that I can give everyone a better idea of what to prioritize first from the brand. Of course, my top five is limited by the things I have at the moment and my preferences, but I hope you find the list useful nonetheless. ^_^

So, here are the five Shiseido things I always pick up. They're versatile and have not failed me so far!

Shiseido Perfect Rouge Lipstick in PK417. I never did get around to reviewing this in full, but it is one of the oft-used lipsticks in my collection. It's a gorgeous shade of pink - not too loud, but not a shy flower either. Texture is great and lasting power, not bad for something this moisturizing.

Shiseido Perfect Foundation Brush. This brush is perfect for concealers, foundations (cream or liquid), and even blush/contour. Indeed, it's the perfect all-in-one brush!

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Shiseido Week: White Lucent Power Brightening Mask

My allergy kicked in a couple of days ago, right smack in the middle of a busy day. I started sneezing uncontrollably and just generally feeling like crap. Eyes red, nose puffy, a wake of crumpled tissues in my path. Ugh. I don't even know exactly what I'm allergic to - my guess is it's pollen or grass. It happens only once a month, when the condo's gardeners tend the grounds.

Anyway I decided to break out my Shiseido White Lucent Power Brightening Mask (P3,250/ 6 pieces) to somehow help my skin recover from the dullness brought by the allergic reaction. It worked! I've tried it once before but didn't really notice the individual effect since a Shiseido facialist used it as part of a service. (Yes they do facials in Shiseido boutiques, fyi. Ask them about it some time.)

Anyhoo I'm so happy that this is a mask that works with my skin, instead of against it, for I have a history of breaking out with masks. That's why I rarely use them, whether they're mud or essence based. I didn't react with the White Lucent mask which is ++++ points in my book!

I used it after cleansing with my facial wash, then left it on for ten minutes as per instructions in the back.

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Shiseido Week: Instant Eye and Lip Makeup Remover

Random rants on social media don't do anyone any good - in fact, your friends may get irritated, screen you while scrolling, or worse, unfollow you. It's difficult to empathize when you have your own life happening around you. You don't honestly care when others do it, so why should others care about your daily lows?

But that's not the point, is it. You'd rant anyway because putting it out there is a lot like blowing out a bubble. All the stale air is in there and you just...let it go. Disappear into the atmosphere. Watching it burst where everyone else could maybe see it makes you feel like you've accomplished something relevant. Doesn't matter if the soap gets in their eyes.

Random ramble. :) Today I'll be reviewing the Shiseido Instant Eye and Lip Makeup Remover (P2,150) for you!

Yes it's that expensive. It's easily the priciest makeup remover I've tried per mil. 0_0 I actually considered buying a foundation or concealer instead of this (they cost much less) but I badly needed a good remover for waterproof mascara and other long-wearing makeup. I've tried a sample of this Shiseido remover before and liked it enough to get the full size.

So is it worth the expense? Okay I'll be honest with you - there are cheaper high-end makeup removers that work just as well. I would recommend this if you:  

  • Have sensitive eyes and skin. This is the gentlest eye and lip makeup remover I've tried. It doesn't sting, doesn't cloud the eyes even if you soak it in for a minute.
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Tutorial: How to create strong yet flattering eyebrows

Why would anyone want to have strong, maybe even bushy-looking eyebrows? I think that would be your first question! In my opinion, full eyebrows look good on anyone at any age. It's not a handicap or just a trend, it really is flattering to have well-defined brows. Full eyebrows can make one look younger and the face, slightly smaller. They can even make your eyes look more expressive and alive!

It's not difficult to do, too. All you need is a dark eyebrow pencil that matches your hair and a spoolie or brush to blend the color in properly. You can opt to use a gel or pen brow filler but it's less hassle to do it with a pencil if you ask me. ;)

The best pencil for this purpose is the Shiseido Natural Eyebrow Pencil in Deep Brown BR602. It's a shade that's perfect for us dark-haired girls, since it's not terribly pigmented while providing the right amount of coverage. It comes with a natural hair brush on the other end, as well! It's what I'm using for this tutorial. 

Let's get cracking!

Step 1: Clean up your eyebrows. I highly recommend going to a brow salon if you're attempting this for the first time, but if you don't have the time nor the budget, you can at least do some basic cleaning.

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Hot pink lip colour: Three ways to wear it!

Hot pink lipstick - or any bright color for that matter - can be intimidating to wear if you're not used to the idea of it. I wrote a blog post on how to overcome your fear of bright lips so I do hope you can read that some time! ;)

Today I thought of doing three looks you can wear with a hot pink lip color. I was inspired by the Shiseido Rouge Lacquer in Disco since it's easily one of the brightest pinks I have! It rather fits my skin color well, and like I said in my review, it makes my teeth look whiter than normal. Not complaining. At least now I know what to pick up if I want to take a break from the usual teeth-whitening reds.

The looks range from simple, to fun, to dramatic. Enjoy!

Look #1: Sweet and simple. This is my default look for wearing bright pink lipstick! It's easy and quick, some of the reasons I would choose a bright lip color for the day.

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Shiseido Week: Natural Eyebrow Pencil in Deep Brown BR602

Choosing the most flattering eyebrow makeup is much like choosing the best foundation for your skin tone. You need to find a color match, something near to the actual color of your hair. The truth is that nothing beats a good ol' brown eyebrow shade for us dark-haired beauties!

I picked up the Shiseido Natural Eyebrow Pencil in Deep Brown BR602 (P1,100) because of its lovely color. It's a dark brown, definitely, but it's soft and blends on my eyebrow hair perfectly. I have slightly reddish dyed hair right now but it still works since I'm on the dark end of the spectrum.

What I love about the product

  • The texture of the pencil isn't as hard as Shu Uemura's (a Holy Grail pencil for me), a feature I like because it's quicker to shade my brows. It delivers a soft, barely there color that mixes with the oil of the hair to create a lovely natural finish.
  • Flattering dark brown shade, perfect for brunettes!
  • The lasting power is pretty good. I haven't noticed any fading after six hours of wear.

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