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This is how to properly sanitize different types makeup

Here in Project Vanity, we love sharing our beauty tips, product insights, and hot new finds. What we don’t like sharing, however, is makeup itself – we don't want bacteria spreading around and causing problems! Even if you don't share makeup products with other people, your personal collection can still harbor unhealthy growths that can compromise your safety and shorten the lifespan of your products. So it's still important to sanitize your makeup regularly.

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Ellana Cucumber Melon Makeup Brush Cleaner

When I took Ellana on as a client, one of the first questions I asked them was, "What are your best sellers?" The foundations were, of course, the runaway favorites, but the brush cleaner was also surprisingly high on the list. Why? Well, this is why.

I've tried three brush cleaners before it - Parian, Cinema Secrets, and J&C brush cleaners to be exact - but this Ellana product is the only one that's silicone-based. The other ones had high alcohol and solvent content, which makes sense because you wanna sanitize and melt of the makeup, right? I love these cleaners and have no complaints.

But there is another way to do it. Ellana did it with its Cucumber Melon Makeup Brush Cleaner (P400 for 120ml)

The main ingredient of the Ellana Brush Cleaner is cyclopentasiloxane, a slippery, lubricating silicone ingredient that is commonly used in hair products. It acts as a solvent by loosening up all the dirt and makeup in your brushes and thus making them easy to wipe off on tissue. It conditions the bristles, making them feel silky and supple as it cleans.

It also contains tea tree extracts and triclosan to sanitize and prevent fungal growth on the brushes. Finally, it has phenoxyethanol, which is a preservative. These ingredients are safe for cleaning your brushes and are in fact commonly used in many skincare products

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How to sanitize your makeup

In my last post about makeup expiry dates, a lot of girls asked how I sanitize my cosmetics. So here's the answer: Casino Ethyl Alcohol in Ecomist Spray! This is amazing because it gives a super fine, even mist. I'm not kidding. The mist is even finer than Evian!

First of all that means you're not wasting alcohol since you're getting the perfect amount every time you use it. Two, it's the perfect makeup sanitizer because it doesn't douse the makeup when you spray. It covers every centimeter without making your stuff wet and miserable.

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