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Tint, the beauty fair at Robinsons Department Stores

Girls who love drugstore beauty products (like me!) are sure to enjoy the deals at Robinsons' beauty fair called Tint. There's currently a month-long sale in participating brands. Makeup, skincare, and even fragrances can go up to 50% off! Maybelline and L'Oreal are on 20% and 15% off respectively. 

The frequent 20% Maybelline sale is well underway! This is the best time to score top Maybelline products

Read on for more notable beauty deals and see what I actually bought! Warning: tons of photos and great deals ahead!

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Great find: Liberté in Robinsons Department Stores

I have already mentioned a recent awesome discovery called Liberté. It's an in-house brand that can be found in Robinsons Department Stores. It sells modern, trendy basics as well as pieces with an unexpected, beautiful twist. The clothes are meant for yuppie corporate wear but I do believe that everyone who likes elegant clothes without breaking the bank will love this brand! Nothing is above P600!

Now I know that "trendy basics" sounds a bit like an oxymoron, so let me explain. Liberte takes basics, mashes them with the trending cut and fabric, and comes up with something infinitely wearable yet far from boring.

I guess I better just show you.

This is my favorite find from the brand. It's a dirty-white dress that's done in a sort of cotton-chiffon blend. It has this sexy triangle cut-out back that I sadly forgot to take a picture of! This dress is only P600 if I remember right.


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Pre-Christmas Sale at Robinsons Department Store

When I was younger, Christmas meant new clothes. That's not to say we don't buy any clothes before the holidays - it's just that my mom would always get me a new outfit for my school Christmas party (which my adolescent self was totes excited about) so that shopping trip is something I looked forward to every year. 

Anyway, if you're looking for something to wear to the string of Christmas parties you're probably going to, or if you need a gift that looks more expensive than it isn't, I'd like to invite you to visit Robinsons Department Stores, particularly the Midtown branch. They're on a 50-70% off sale! Well, not everything is on sale, but you're bound to find good stuff there at great prices. Seriously, the stuff there are so affordable, especially the ones from the in-house brands!

Allow me to take you to a virtual tour of the department store in Ermita (my favorite Rob branch) and share my top finds.

Never Been Kissed is a brand for fashion-forward teens. It's got the latest stuff and at great prices too. That sheer knit top you see on the right? That's only P330. Most of the stuff here are under P500. The brand has nice skirts and tights; I bought a denim tulip skirt from here before for only P250.

Cute white cabaret dress

Fab has a more daring quality to the trendy clothes.

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