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Oil Control Week: Benefit POREfessional Agent Zero Shine

We've already talked about products that can somehow lessen the oil that makes it to the surface of your face, right, but they aren't going to stop your skin from producing oil. That's just a fact of life. No matter how effective your skincare is it'll only be a matter of hours before your face shines up. Accept it and move makeup!

It's SOP to have blotting paper, powder, and a brush in your bag wherever you go. This trio is the best way to remove shine without ruining the stuff you have on underneath. However, what if there's a way to streamline and simplify the shine-busting? Do away with the blotting paper, and combine the brush and powder in one product?

And thus the Benefit POREfessional Agent Zero Shine (P1,600) powder was born. This is a talc-based powder that promises to blur pores and smoothen your complexion while mattifying your skin. It is super silky and finely-milled, containing mineral ingredients that are highly oil absorbent.

Single shade, simplified. There is only one shade available - a peachy one that provides translucent coverage. It should match all skin tones without leaving a white cast. This will melt on your skin quickly enough, giving it a flawless matte finish.

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Bobbi Brown Retouching Powder in Rose and the series recap

The Bobbi Brown Retouching Powder in Rose (P3,550) is a superfine tinted powder than can be used all over for that rosy glow, or layered as a subtle blush. It smoothens pores and adds that elusive freshness without ANY shimmer. I'd say it has a petal-matte finish. 

I prefer to use this as a blush more than a retouch powder because, well, it's in loose form. Staying power is average. It's the super smooth texture and the finish that attempts to justify the luxe price.

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