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MAC Week: Carnal Instinct Lipstick from the Magnetic Nude Collection

It's MAC Week once again! The brand just sent me some press material + a bunch of products so I'll be going through them and letting you know what's up. ^_^ MAC remains one of the most relevant brands in the beauty world so it's important to pay attention to its trend reports and collections. It's great if you can buy the products, but more than anything it's the inspiration you take away that really improves your makeup style.

For my first post, here's a daring lipstick from the Magnetic Nude Collection, which was released last month. This collection features a lot of shimmery skintone nudes and molten metals. It's a winter collection, hence the dramatic play in contrast and colors. I know we're moving on to summer but the Carnal Instinct Lipstick (P1,000) is still a beautiful color to wear!

MAC describes it as a deep brick red with gold pearl. It's a dark, dramatic color that can turn off those with weaker constitutions (lol) but if you adore unforgettable lip colors then this you shouldn't miss. Carnal Instinct is a heart-stopping, dare I say vampiric shade of red that you won't easily find in other brands.

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FOTD: Fresh red

I do tons of makeup reviews, but what actually ends up on my face during a full day out of the house? Now that's the question. I guess the best way to show that is to do regular FOTDs (Face of the Days), where I can discuss the logic of each makeup choice. Haha. Look at us, talking about logic here.

Anyway, I just want to show you a look I wore last week. I failed, terribly, at capturing what I wore (it was a printed navy dress from Dorothy Perkins with a classy pair of nude pumps), so this is all I have to write about here. -_- I'll wear that outfit again, it deserves to be chronicled!

Okay! For my face, I just wore the MAC Studio Finish Concealer with the Ellana Intensive Cover Foundation. That's it. No other hoopla. I love the flawless finish I get with this duo! It's mostly matte but there is a subtle sheen to the foundation. 

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FOTD + OOTD: A slash of red

I think of shades as beauty products. Why? Because wearing them instantly provides you some level of sun protection on the eyes and face. If you have a major pimple, puffy and red eyes due to crying or an allergy, or if you came from a chemical peel, shades are your best friends. It covers up most of the unglamorous things on your face and immediately gives it an aura of mystique. What's not to love?

FLY Shades sent me these sunglasses about two months ago and I've been wearing them since then. I'm not one for high-end, uber-expensive sunnies (not yet?) so I really appreciate that these pretty FLY Shades are just around P340-P390. They're not flimsy at all - I've dropped the ones I use regularly and they're doing fine, if not a bit scratched up. Anyway you can find more information about FLY on their Facebook Page. :)

FLY Shades / Zara dress / Veloci watch / Ferretti heels / Tory Burch satchel

Yes, I'm wearing shorts underneath. I doubted the wisdom of this mini-dress as soon as I left the house, but oh well I like it like this. I can't think of it as a top because it's too long and thick so I will stubbornly maintain that it is in fact a mini-dress until the day I die.

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I don't get a lot of opportunities to wear this glam sequined jacket, but when I do, I make the most of it! Last night's MAC event was the perfect occasion. I paired it with a sequined top since they sort of match, as well as pumps with shimmery gold heels. 

Promod jacket / Forever 21 skirt and top / Louis Vuitton Alma / Shoe Etiquette pumps

I had meetings before the event so I didn't have a clutch with me, hay. I'm not fond of carrying big bags in evening parties but it's hard to be prissy when you don't drive and get to bring a change of clothes/bags.

For the makeup I thought I'd try heavily lined eyes in saphire + red lips (MAC Russian Red of course). Would you guess that this is just black eyeliner topped with eyeshadow?

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FOTD: That ship has sailed

I have too much makeup that sometimes I forget the really good ones in my stash. There are so many new things coming in, therefore more new things to love and maybe even rave about, that I neglect my old picks. Take this Avon UMR lipstick in Carmen Rose. I believe I've only worn this twice since I got it in February. Seriously, wth. It's a fab red lipstick that suits me perfectly!

I would describe Carmen Rose as a brilliant ruby red. It's not something one would call classic since it's quite shiny, but if you like a more modern, younger red, I think you'll take to Carmen Rose. :)

That said, I did this look upon the request of a reader. The reader, who is ironically named Cherry, asked if I can post a photo of me wearing the MAC Powerpoint Eye Pencil in Blue Stripe. I said "ironically named" because Cherry said she is afraid of red.

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VMV Hypoallergenics Velvet Matte Lipstick in Coquette

I already reviewed the VMV Hypoallergenics Velvet Matte Lipstick (P1,000), so this time I just want to share this new lovely shade I got! It's called Coquette, and it's absolutely gorgeous. As in. It's a matte red with a pink undertone. I like that you can wear it as an intense red for evenings out, but if you just use it as a stain - wow! Very pretty.

Okay enough superlatives, see for yourself.

As with all matte lipsticks, Coquette can be a little drying so always wear lip balm underneath. To use it as a stain, dab on balm, then swipe a thin layer of the lipstick on your bottom lip.

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Blocking: FOTD + OOTD

I attended a couple of meetings last Thursday in Makati. They weren't really the formal type so I wore something comfortable, heat-friendly, and non-fattening! Anyway, I've been wearing this block-striped bodycon dress a lot lately. It's my absolute cheat dress right now, if  you must know. Thought the Ferretti wedges matched the dress's stripes so in they went.

No brand dress/ Thrifted chambray polo/ Satchel from Muradito/ Accessories from Avon/ Ferretti wedges

For the FOTD, I chose to wear as little makeup as possible. Since I like my skin lately, I opted for a sheer formula, lush lashes, and fool-proof red lips. It's my good ol' red lippie look only with different products.

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Casual nauticals

I had a grand time yesterday accompanying Kirby (Asian Secrets grand winner) to her makeover as well as hanging out with the Estee Lauder girls. Thanks so much for the company! Anyhoo, I decided on a super laid-back outfit for the day since I knew I would be waiting and walking around most of the time.

Muji shirt/ Levi's ID Curve jeans/ Ferretti flats/ NaRaYa bag/ SM belt/ Avon accessories/ Landmark headband

I was already late for my appointment so I threw on the fastest look I could think of: red lips. Fifteen minutes tops and I'm done! Full FOTD details after the cut.

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