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FOTD: Red she goes

Last night I watched Lisa Eldridge's video on how to wear red eyeshadow. I was so inspired, I re-recreated the look as soon as I woke up! I'm bored with all the neutrals I've been wearing lately so I really wanted something that would POP. I also wanted to play around with some of the new makeup I got.

Obviously, this isn't a look that you can wear to the office. But if you have a party to go to or if you just really don't care if you get stared at, then by all means try red eyeshadow! Anyway, since I have yellow-toned skin, I went for a bright, tomato-red eyeshadow. I just used one color and blended it up the crease.

Here's how I did it.

I have a red lip version, see it after the jump!

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