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Photos from the Preview Ball

Of course, a blog coverage about the Preview Ball isn't complete without our photos! The beauty bloggers Shen, Nikki, and Jheng came in their most stylish outfits. We hung out with the Estee Lauder girls, Rizel (Beautybank), Ina (Bobbi Brown), and Budit (Clinique). Spotted Sasha and Dhon too!

So anyway, here comes gratuitous photos!

Me and Rizel. The lilac lipstick I'm wearing NYX in Power. Who thought it would actually look good? As long as I use it with dark eyes, it doesn't wash me out.

Me, Rizel, Nikki, Jheng, Shen

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Kermit Tesoro fashion: from runway to reality

One of the most memorable collections during the last May's Philippine Fashion Week was Kermit Tesoro and Leeroy New's. Each piece looked like a work of art, worked on with close attention to detail and true craftsmanship. The clothes are too avant-garde to wear in real life. Or are they?

Last Saturday, the Preview Best Dressed Ball saw quite a lot of outfits by Mr. Tesoro and New. Let's compare the clothes as seen on the runway versus the red carpet!


Featured here is a cocoon-like dress worn on top of a long, chiffon skirt

I like Sarah Meier's look - well, from her shoulders up. Okay, even her shoes. The rest of the dress fits her weirdly, with a baggy bust and a shapeless waist. I believe that it will look better if the dress was tightened to fit Sarah's very, very thin figure.


Seen here is a textured pantsuit. It looks like something Shaider's enemies might wear.

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Preview Best Dressed Ball 2010

Last Saturday, I witnessed the Preview Best Dressed Ball with fellow bloggers and friends from Estee Lauder. It was a blast! That is, if you're into the clubbing scene. Tim Yap's newest posh club, Republiq, hosted the Alexander McQueen-themed event. The place was packed as celebrities, designers, fashionophiles, and other media personalities danced to house music and enjoyed the open bar.

Preview's Best Dressed for 2010

The program was pretty short. managing editor Isha Andaya announced the new look of, Preview’s online home. Editor-in-chief Pauline Suaco-Juan also came up on stage to talk about the night’s theme and encourage everyone to enjoy the party.

Of course, what is the Preview Best-Dressed Ball without ogling at the best-dressed and not-so-well-dressed?

The Preview Editor-In-Chief, Pauline Suaco-Juan. She wore a white crystal-encrusted dress by Michael Cinco with peeptoes from Alexander McQueen. What a super dress! This is perhaps my favorite out of all the clothes I saw that night.

The outfits of the Preview staff are featured later on in the post, but check out the seven best-dressed women honored that night: dermatologist Aivee Aguilar-Teo, Striker Mobile Media’s chief operating officer Ann Jacobe, photographer Garovs Garovillo, philanthropist Kaye Tinga, Giordano Philippines’ product development manager Lloyda Lim, model and designer Marita Fe Ganse, fashion blogger and designer Rosanna Aranaz, and actress Gretchen Barretto, who also graces the cover of this month’s issue. Rounding up the list are fashion blogger Ingrid Holm and shoe designer Ivy Kirzhner, who were both unable to make it that night.

Lloyda Lim wears a hat and dress by Mich Dulce. This is the best outfit for me out of those on the best-dressed list. Lloyda's quirky personality really shines in the way she dresses - minus the tell-tale baby bump! Check out her blog!

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