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Physiogel Intensive Cream

One of the most memorable conversations I've ever had is with this lifestyle writer. He was a famous socialite in the 80s and 90s, and he told me all about his life in Europe. He also shared some of his beauty and health tips - I just HAD to know, because he looked 40 when he could've been pushing 50 or even 60!

I remember that he had this off-shoulder blouse on (we're Facebook friends, it's like his trademark look). He dared me to touch his shoulder. I did, and I swear he had the softest skin I've ever touched. Softer than mine, at any rate! Of course I asked him what his body lotion was. He said that he has been using Physiogel religiously for a long time.

I keep meaning to pick up a tube of the stuff but I'm very rarely in Mercury. Good thing Sample Room sent me one! 

The Physiogel Intensive Cream (P574.50) is a heavy moisturizer specifically formulated for moderately dry to dry skin. It smells like a blend of coconuts and butter - not too overpowering but you won't miss the scent. The texture is very creamy and is absorbed by the skin easily enough.

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