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The phone with a beauty filter so good it makes your face glow in bad lighting

My boyfriend James recently acquired an Android phone after having been an iPhone user for years. Every time one of us is abroad, we video chat to keep in touch. The first few video calls I thought “Wow, his skin is so nice lately!” or “What great lighting at his hotel!” But eventually I cottoned on to the fact that his phone just has a crazy good automatic beauty filter. I’ve been an iPhone user for quite a while too and oh, how I envied his camera!

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SMART Netphone unboxing photos and specs

I am not a techie, not in the sense that I keep up with the latest gadgets or know the difference between a Froyo and a Gingerbread. I only buy tech stuff when I need them and then forget about them as I use them. There are only two things I look out for: the functionality and look, all the other specs aside. And of course the price has to be reasonable.

The new SMART Netphone, I believe, fits the bill! As a thoroughly kikay person with moderate tech kung fu, I think the Netphone is something that can complement whatever I wear while still keeping me connected to my social networks and email for only P20 a day.

The SMART Netphone is a solid Android phone that's fully integrated with Smart's services. The thing that sets it apart from other Android phones though is the Blackberry Messenger-like network called Smartnet that SMART built around it. It allows you to look for people using their Global Directory (given that who you're looking for is on the Netphone) and then add them with their permission.

And now, for the unboxing!

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Modu Phone Launch and Paul Smith Mini Fashion Show
Globe launched the world’s lightest phone, modu, last night at Felix restaurant and Paul Smith in Greenbelt 5. The event was fab - I got to hang out with some of the coolest bloggers ever, Lauren (Ukay Manila Store co-owner), Helga, Bim, Phoebe, and Madz. So you might be thinking, what the hell is a modu phone? It is the world’s lightest and truly modular phone. You can use it as a basic phone and mp3 player by itself (it’s smaller than a credit card) but if you want added functionality, you can slip it into modu-enabled digital picture frames, speaker docks to play music, digital cameras or DECT phones. There are also phone jackets which can give your modu different features and different looks (it’s so fasyon). Cool yeah? It’s like everything in one! It’s cheap at around P8,000 and will be available only in Globe centers starting today. As usual, here are some pics from last night. Click more down here to see all the pics. Enjoy! Obligatory outfit photo, outside Felix Yum! Didn’t like the leaves inside the fish fillet though. Too chewy. What I did love was the dessert - I wish I took a photo! Inside Paul Smith Easily my favorite outfit from the show! I would totally wear this. The silhouette is so classic and flattering. Any body type can pull this off.
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