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Full review + Swatches: Urban Decay Born To Run Palette

I purchased the Urban Decay Born To Run Palette at the Sephora SoHo branch in New York. I didn’t enter Sephora with intention to buy ~a lot~ of makeup, but I ended up spending quite a bit inside! The hysteria is different inside a US Sephora store. I’ve been inside the stores in Singapore and Malaysia before, but the level of shopping energy is so different in New York. It’s like…ubusan ng makeup levels of excitement. It does catch.

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Don't miss the Natasha Denona Holiday 2017 Palettes if you're a color lover

I am fascinated by how beauty brands are born. The best ones are more than just a business - they are made by passionate people who have something special to share to the world. That's why Natasha Denona is a brand to watch. The founder, for which the brand takes its name, is a former model who decided to become a self-taught makeup artist. Just hearing her talk about her passion for makeup and the artistry that it requires is so inspiring! She particularly enjoys doing editorial, high-voltage looks that packs a lot of color.

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Staff Picks: Pan porn (totally SFW) of our absolute favorite things

Now, before you get thoroughly scandalized, the only "exposure" you'll see here are those of our most-abused makeup! "Pan porn" is a popular description for makeup products that you've literally hit pan on from regular usage, thus exposing the shiny metal bottom. It's titillating for us PV girls because it's a totally justifiable excuse for us to go out and buy some new makeup! (Am I right or am I right?)

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Love: MONDA Studio Mixing Palette and Spatula

Ever since I saw makeup master Jigs Mayuga use a mixing palette and spatula at a workshop, I knew I NEEDED those things in my life. I'm not a makeup artist, right, but I love tinkering with makeup and having tools make the process more simple and enjoyable. I'm grateful to Sol of Digital Traincase, who generously gave me a MONDA Studio Mixing Palette (P520) and Spatula (P490) last Christmas!

Before we move forward, can I just say that Sol is one of those people I've been following for maybe half a decade now, even before her store became famous in the PH. She used to blog before, did you know that? She was passionate about nail polishes if I remember correctly. She has since channeled that passion into being one of the top (if not the top) online beauty retailers in the country, but she's still as nice and approachable as before.

I totally did not expect anything from her last Christmas. I didn't make parinig or anything - the package just suddenly arrived on my doorstep. She said it's to thank me for my support through the years, but IDK, it's not like I did a lot. I just love her brand of service and her constant eye out for new amazing things to bring here.

ANYWAY, end of cheese. Here's my review of these MONDA tools! 


I'll start with the palette. I think that if you love liquid and cream products, a mixing palette like this is indispensable. It allows you to customize wet foundations, concealers, blushes, illuminators, eyeliner, eyeshadow and lipstick etc. easily without wasting any product. Since it's made of stainless steel, you can warm the makeup with a touch of your hand under it. 

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Beauty UK Posh Palette

If you love applying eyeshadow, it's important to know how to do it correctly. Nothing pains me more than seeing a half-baked eyeshadow job - but then again, I've also been there. It's easy to watch tutorials and think we get it, but it's never that simple. Applying the same techniques to our own eye shape rarely gives us the same results. We need to practice and tweak those techniques until we get it right. Maybe you're not there yet but you will get there, like I eventually did!

Today I'd like to show you some palettes that I think would be perfect for eyeshadow newbies. The Beauty UK Posh Palette (P550 from Makeupholics) is affordable yet offers a nice selection of colors that are of fairly good quality, considering the price. I have here the three palettes: Eden, Masquerade, and Festival. You'll see the swatches later!

Quickly though, the Beauty UK Posh Palette has ten colors that are of varying pigmentation and smoothness. Some are really good while others can be patchy. In general though, most of the colors in Eden and Masquerade have great quality. Festival's matte brights are kinda uneven. This just means you need to wear a primer and to layer the colors carefully.

I highly recommend that you get Eden since it's the best out of the three in terms of quality, while Masquerade is also a good choice if you like silvery, dusky shades.

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Lipstick Week: Japonesque 35-Well PRO Lipstick Palette

You're not a true-blue lipstick junkie unless you have the Japonesque 35-Well PRO Lipstick Palette (P1,450 at Digital Traincase). Okay, okay, I'm only half-kidding, but you have to admit that this is such a cool thing to have. Even Lisa Eldridge keeps a few of these! 

So what is it, really? It's a classy black box that has space for 35 lipsticks. It can also be used to store cream foundation if you wish, which makes it incredibly useful if you're a makeup artist. The case and mold is made of a thin, lightweight plastic, and is closed by a silver clasp.

I spent a whole morning selecting and depotting the 35 lipsticks that I wanted to put in this baby. It was a fun activity, albeit rather messy in the end!

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Loaded up: Wild Peach Palette in Large

If you ask me, I would rather just blog all day. I have so many exciting new finds as well as some random musings to share, but today is tight! I need to direct the shoot for a new batch of drinks for Dakasi (one of my clients) today. You must try the drinks soon, they are delicious, promise! 

Anyways I don't have much time so I thought I'd do a show and tell for today. Recently, I managed to fill up my large Wild Peach Cosmetics Customizable Palette. I put in all the nice blushes and random eyeshadows I could bear to depot. It was difficult because many of these come in pretty packaging - however, if I don't put them in one place I'd forget I have them! It's such a waste otherwise.

Have a look! I have also linked the reviews I've done on these, in case you're interested. ;) 

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Blush for eyes: Guerlain L'Ecrin 4 Couleurs Eyeshadow Palette in 14 Les Fauves

Whenever I use the Guerlain L'Ecrin 4 Couleurs Eyeshadow (P2,998) I never fail to get compliments. People think I did something new with my skin or wore a new, more flattering blush. They say I look less tired. At first I thought that it's everything else but this palette, but now that I think about it I mostly get those sorts of compliments whenever I have it on.

So why?

Our eyes are the first things that other people look at when they see us. It's the focus of our whole face, the main feature by which our emotional and physical status are read. If your eyes and droopy and tired then your companion will think you're tired; if they are happy and bright, then you will appear to radiate that all over your face.

My theory is that the Guerlain Les Fauves palette is like "blush" for our eyes - it brightens and freshens that particular area with rich hues of coral, copper, and darkened champagne. They are warm and flattering (on me), as you can see here!

If you're very fair then this would be more of a smoky palette on you, but if you're mid to dark Asian like me then this brings out the golden tones of the skin juuuuust right.

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