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Hot right now: Brazil by OPI Collection

My long nail polish hiatus has finally come to an end with OPI's new Brazil Collection for Spring/Summer 2014! It features the colors of tropical rainforests and warm sandy beaches to our nails and toes this season. The palette ranges from bright hues of red, pink, coral, orange, and yellow to earthy tones of taupe, sienna, mocha and jungle green.

In addition to the singles, OPI also has this limited edition mini-set called the Beach Sandies Liquid Sand Lacquers (P745) so you could try out some of the latest colors without going for a full bottle.


The bottles may be small, but the 3.75ml of lacquer inside should be good for about two to three uses. The brush is full-sized so application isn't affected. It's a great deal if you want to play with all the colors, but if you like only one or two, it's better to pony up for the full bottle which is P645 at Rustan's. It's really all up to you!

Here are my swatches of each color!


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Manicure Mondays: OPI Fit to Be Tied in Russian Navy and

Welcome to a new series here at Project Vanity - Manicure Mondays! I've been meaning to post weekly nail polish swatches but can't find the right way to do it, so I took inspiration from Jen of I'll be posting NOTDs every Monday if I have something interesting on!

Today I'd like to feature a Holiday 2013 set from OPI called Fit To Be Tied. This set contains two complementing nail polishes plus a bracelet and two hair ties. Cute! It's a great gift for your manicure-loving friends. ^_^ Or, you know, you can keep them to yourself because you're MFEO.


The gift sets come in two other variants (more on that later). What I have here is the Russian Navy & Check out the swatches!

Russian Navy


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OPI Lucerne-tainly Look Marvelous

I saw a swatch of the OPI Lucerne-tainly Look Marvelous (P395) polish in a blog somewhere and couldn't stop thinking about it. This particular nail color was from a limited edition collection so I don't know if I can find it again. Good thing that the only OPI collection that Market Market carries is the Swiss Collection for Fall 2010 - the one that has Lucerne-tainly Look Marvelous! Ha!

The shade is a gunmetal grey with micro sparkles. It's unexpectedly smooth to the touch once it dries, with a high-shine finish to it.

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O.P.I Nail Lacquer in Diva of Geneva

In case you didn't get the memo, summer here is officially over! By "summer" we mean an uninterrupted daily heat wave; by "summer is over" we mean crazy hot days interspersed with torrential downpours. So yeah! It still sucks either way.

So, in keeping with the gloomier weather, I decided to get an O.P.I Nail Lacquer in Diva of Geneva (P400). It's the biggest amount I spent on nail polish ever! So is it worth it? 

Yes, it is! Other than the gorgeous color, I love that the texture of the product is very smooth and thin, yet quite opaque. One layer is actually enough, but I prefer two layers for a more dimensional effect. It dried quickly within a few minutes.

I didn't experience any bubbles even if I painted on a thick layer. Be warned though

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