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Beauty Roundup: Fresh in PH, Happy Skin’s cute party, and Olay's reformulation

Hello, Autumn! Okay, while the Philippines might not have an actual “fall season,” we can still live vicariously through our makeup looks and all the amazing products that are coming out. #WorkWithWhatYouveGot, right?

From super bright and nostalgic eyeshadow palettes that remind us of our childhood, to the most gigantic shade range expansion by Tom Ford, we’ve got your eyes, lips, and nails covered! Grab a cuppa, and read up on a new way to get your caffeine fix and how Maybelline may just be bringing out their most epic mascara yet. Oh, and did we mention Kylie’s new Lip Kits? You’re welcome, PV girls!

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Olay Natural White Healthy Fairness Day Lotion (SPF24)

As I was browsing through my photo galleries this morning, I came by a product which I simply forgot to review: the Olay Natural White SPF24 Day Lotion (P189). Bought it last February pa. It's actually a pretty good SPF product, although I've stopped using it some time ago. 

Why? Well, it's not the lotion, it's me! My skin reacts with face sunscreens/sunblocks for some reason (well those that I've tried anyway). The worst reaction is I break out, but that's not always the case. Sometimes my skin just doesn't look its prime (I get small bumps that are not quite pimples, dull skin) so I go back to my default moisturizer. Weird.

To protect my face from the sun, I prefer using makeup with SPF. Makeup doesn't get absorbed by the skin so it doesn't have the same effect as sunblocks/sunscreens.

So yes, it's me. Otherwise, this Olay lotion is something I would recommend!

What I love about the product 

  • Very light, watery consistency. Applies easily with no white cast and absorbs quickly.
  • Not sticky or greasy as long as you apply just the right amount.
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Olay Body Bars

The kind folks behind Olay sent me these soaps, oh, almost a month ago! With so many things to blog, I have half-forgotten to write about these. That's ironic since I've been using them for a month now.

There are three variants: the Ultra Moisture, Age Defying, and Fresh Reviving. My personal favorite is the Ultra Moisture. It's so creamy that I just rub it on my loofah and then proceed to spread it around just like liquid body wash. Yeah, I'm too lazy to use soap as one normally would! The Ultra Moisture is highly rated at Total Beauty, scoring 9 out of 10.

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