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Hi Liz! I've been following your blog for quite some time now. I really like reading your posts because they are so helpful to me in so many ways. I really like and appreciate that you care about affordable beauty!

So, I have really oily skin. As if that isn't enough, I also sweat rather excessively. Which is really frustrating because I am still a student (who walks around the campus a lot, under the scorching heat of the sun). My skin breaks out a lot too. By a lot, I mean I always have a big nasty zit or two on my face. They never go away! I don't really know where I've gone wrong. I try to clean my face as regularly (not excessively) as possible, but it seems like I would never be able to have clear skin.

I know that you also have oily skin too, so I thought it would be a good idea to ask you about these things. I'd really appreciate if you recommend me any product (for oily skin) that you swear by. Thanks a lot!

Also, I just like to tell you how I enjoy reading your blog, and that your posts are so helpful. More power, Liz!


Hi Honey! Thanks so much for following my site. It really makes me day when I hear from lurkers! So, about your problem. I'd like to recommend my Holy Grail product - Burt's Bees Garden Tomato Toner. It's labeled as good for troubled and oily skin, and yes, it does help clear my face of pimples and it helps lessen the oiliness.

IMG_9429 by project_vanity.

I would also recommend the Skin Hour Mattifying Day Gel. Lauren and Kira are such fans! They've both given the product rave reviews, and they are perhaps the oiliest people I know (no offense to you guys lol). I haven't tried the product personally, but it looks extremely promisin

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