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The Nylite Project

A few weeks ago, Tretorn asked me if I wanted to participate in an international campaign called The Nylite Project. The rules were simple: they'd send me a pair of Tretorn Nylites then I am to wear it my way. Truth be told I'm not into sneakers, but I'm tickled pink by the concept of incorporating a vintage classic in my girly-preppy-sleek wardrobe.

I remember my mom wearing these exact same Tretorns in the early 90's with high rolled pants and an oversized tucked-in shirt. I'm not sure, but I may have also had a green version of these for my PE classes. LOL! Those were the days of gray cotton shorts and school-printed tees, jackstones, Pogs, and Chinese Garter. Nostalgia: commence.

Anyway, here's the outfit I came up with my new old Nylites. I got the dress and shades from Forever 21, but it was only when I got home that I realized that they look like soulmates together.

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