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Shopping at Muji

Muji is a Japanese "no-brand" brand that specializes in minimalist lifestyle goods. The brand sells things from clothes to toothbrushes, bed frames to makeup. I've always been curious about Muji because friends who have visited its stores abroad have raved about it. Thus, I dutifully went last night with Marco and braved the sea of chi-chi shoppers, poodles (clutched in the arms of chi-chi shoppers), and yayas in uniform, toting hyperactive kids.

Muji's minimalist, utilitarian clothes are not my style, but there are a lot of nice basics like plain tanks and shirts which one can incorporate in any outfit. The prices of the clothes started from P600 to P2,500. Frankly not all the clothes are worth their price tags. They were selling these plain cotton dresses for ~P1,600. The fabric or quality wasn't anything special, if that's the major argument for the price.

The cardigans and blazers for women, however, are worth a gander.

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