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Commenter of the Month winner announcement and our new giveaway!

Project Vanity has been running the Commenter of the Month giveaway for as long as I can remember. In fact, the very first time I met Liz was when I won CoM seven years ago! I had been a regular reader for some time at the point, and I enjoyed being able to contribute to the discussion and interacting with other readers in the comments section. That’s why I really appreciated how Shasta shared her comparison of the 3CE Multi Pots to the Bobbi Brown Pot Rouges. Thank you for giving a detailed review, Shasta - you are our Commenter of the Month! Please email me at about claiming your prize.

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Beauty Roundup: An Asian makeup exclusive, Jaclyn Hill’s lipstick fiasco, and something beautifully sustainable

This week has all you need to know about Charlottle Tilbury’s newest launch (it’s good for the environment and our makeup bags) as well as an Asian exclusive, care of Maybelline. Brow lovers, get excited because Glossier’s latest product may be your newest secret for getting on fleek! Of course, we’re dipping into the controversy about Jaclyn Hill’s “furry” lipsticks. Mind your hands ‘cause this tea is piping hot!

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Beauty Roundup: Another fashion collab, holiday hits from FENTY, and an EPIC Maybelline sale!

Happy weekend! It’s time for another beauty roundup, and this time, the gloves are coming off! Get ready for an intense read of all things beauty as L’Oreal teams up with yet another fashion powerhouse, FENTY Beauty celebrates the holidays super early, and Maybelline gives us a reason to go shopping for our fave lippie shades! We’ve got new releases, epic collabs, irresistible discounts, and...a zit-zapping pen?

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Beauty Roundup: The Fenty Mattemoiselle, Beauty Bar sale, and MannyMUA's makeup line

Happy New Year PV Girls! We hope that you all had an amazing Christmas, and starting 2018 with nothing but love, happiness, and loads of beauty! This week’s roundup is nothing short of festive, with peeks at the exciting new developments that await us in the coming year. Riri's latest pout is on the spotlight and we're dropping the bomb on best gray hair rescuer ever (spoiler alert: it only takes 30 minutes!) And because we deserve to start the new year with a bang, it's time to treat yo'self to a bunch of shiny new additions to your stash, thanks to major deals from Sephora, Beauty Bar, and Colourpop! Don't wait 'til midnight, girls, because this beauty ball has already dropped!

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The Gigi Hadid x Maybelline Collection overview, swatches, and prices

As a model, Gigi Hadid basically has three places she can call home: her birthplace in Los Angeles, the fashion capital of New York, and her third home: the airplanes that take her to all her exotic work locations! Her collection with Maybelline is inspired by that supermodel lifestyle, and the Philippines is getting an Asia-first look at this ‘coast-to-coast’ makeup collection!

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Beauty News: A Starr-y collab, Gigi's early arrival, and party-ready palettes

There’s lots to celebrate this week, PV girls, because the latest MAC Cosmetics collaboration will have you beaming with Pinoy Pride. We've also marked the launch date of Gigi Hadid’s Maybelline Collection on our calendars (it’s coming to the PH sooner than you think!) and adding some sparkly new palettes to our wish lists! Who’s ready for the scoop? Let’s get reading!

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Beauty News: Gigi Hadid's new palette, mythical makeup, and holiday sales

How can another month basically be over? Slow down, 2017, we aren’t ready for it to be over! How about we talk about the crazy sales that even more of our favorite brands and sites are doing? From Althea’s Monthly WOW to Nuxe’s sassy steals, our wallets have never looked slimmer. Take a whiff at Kiehl’s Classic Holiday collection, and find out just how many minutes it took for Gigi Hadid’s Maybelline palette to sell out. Happy reading!

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Beauty Roundup: H&M Makeup in PH, tween fave Careline rebrands, and anti-pollution skincare

Makeup, makeup, and more makeup! This week’s roundup has got to be one of the most exciting ones yet as big things are coming to our shores and new-ins are having us do the happy dance. Known for her rose gold packaged goods, Charlotte Tilbury is stepping into the liquid lippie arena (to much praise and delight) with 10 new lipsticks that we never knew we needed. Claudia Schiffer is back in all her gorgeous glory as she unveils a collaboration that is as super as she is, and Maybelline has got us slaying our brow game ASAP. Did we mention that one of our favorite teeny bopper brands has gotten a huge (and very millennial) makeover? Who’s ready for some jelly?

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Color lovers, rejoice: the Maybelline Color Tattoo Eyeshadow has arrived in the PH

When I was very young, my mother gave me art materials for Christmas. She included boxes of pencils, oil pastels, and water colors along with fresh paper. That was the most memorable gift I've ever received in my life. My mother didn't just give me stuff - she gave me possibilities, the means by which I can explore whatever talents I might have. I don't remember asking for art materials but she figured out I would love them.

Until this day, getting a box full of colors make me feel disproportionately happy. I collect paints and colors in different mediums for my art hobby and I also love getting palettes and pots of makeup. Who knew a fairly inexpensive Christmas present would define who I am today? (That, and books). I would be a different person had I never received it.

Anyway, the introspection is brought to you by this press kit from Maybelline! I was at the launch of the brand's latest cream color, the Color Tattoo Eyeshadow (P375), yesterday. You'll remember that I reviewed and loved them last year so I'm pleased that they're finally here! These are excellent long-wearing and uber pigmented eyeshadows that don't even require a primer - or brush, for that matter.

I won't go into detail describing these as I've already posted a review. All you need to know is that if you don't have one (or three), you better run and shop. This is a cream eyeshadow that definitely deserves your hard-earned money. They're easy to work with, they're pigmented and come in beautiful colors, plus they stay on all day with very mineral creasing (if at all). Oh and did I mention they're quite affordable? They're selling for P375 each locally!

I highly recommend getting Barely Branded (a metallic warm beige) and Bad To The Bronze (rich, warm bronze) to start your collection with. These are shades you can use everyday. Later on you can move on to the more exciting colors, which you can use not only as eyeshadows, but as eyeliners too.

Here are the swatches!

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Lip Gloss Week: Maybelline Lip Polish

Lip glosses have come a long way from being sheer, gluey, and generally annoying. With new ingredients and technology, even the most affordable brand can come up with a gloss worth switching up your lipsticks for. I thought I'd talk about some of the interesting glosses I have this week. I'll begin with the most intriguing of them all: the Maybelline Lip Polish (P350).

I believe this came out in the Philippines recently. It's popular with YouTube vloggers, and is known as "Color Elixir" in other parts of the world. What makes this special is how it mixes the high-shine glassiness of lip gloss, pigmentation of an average lipstick, and the moisture of lip balm. All that without being sticky!

Think of a lipstick with a very wet texture and that's pretty much how the Maybelline Lip Polish feels like when freshly applied. It'll dry up in an hour and will become tacky then, but I love how that dried-up layer of color sticks on my lips. It feels almost like one of those long-wearing lipsticks that hardens and sets.

Charming. The gloss mold is lipstick-shaped.

And this is fairly long-wearing, for a gloss.

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Eyeshadow Week: Maybelline Color Tattoo Metal Eyeshadow

Do tell me, after all the persuasion I've thrown your way, that you have one or two cream eyeshadows already in your possession. Please. No? Bah! If you can trust this blog on ten things, one of them would be the fact that you MUST have at least one basic cream eyeshadow for quick looks. You're missing out if you haven't tried it yet!

I think some girls are scared that cream eyeshadow would just slide right off their oily lids, but with new formulas like the Maybelline Color Tattoo Eyeshadows (P320 at Bon Marche), you never have to worry about silly things like staying power. Or brushes. Or eyeshadow primers!

This Maybelline Color Tattoo eyeshadows have received a lot of raves because they are practically waterproof, smudge-proof, and crease-proof. It's true! You can run a marathon and these things would most likely still be on your lids. 

The product comes in a sturdy glass jar, and a cap that seals completely

They are easy to apply with just fingers although I prefer to use my MAC 217 to blend them properly.

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Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blush

You've seen a powder, cream, gel, and liquid blush - but have you seen a fluffy one? I thought not! Dome blushes have been around for quite some time but I don't think I've tried one that's aerated like the Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blush (P429). True to its name, the Bouncy Blush has a springy surface. It doesn't really bounce back once you dent it but it's still hella fun to poke it. Poke poke.

See? Novelty aside, the Maybelline Dream Bouncy blush is a nice cheek color for everyday use. It has a silky texture that's easy to spread all over the apples of the cheeks. The pigmentation is just okay - you'll need about two to three layers to make it show up - but at least you know that you'll never get a clown face accidentally. I'm okay with layering when it comes to blushes. I prefer to have as much control as possible when tinting my cheeks.

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Foundation Week: Maybelline Dream Liquid Mousse

Truth be told, I have yet to find a drugstore foundation that I would use everyday. One thing is for sure though: drugstore products are getting better and better with each release! Take for instance the Maybelline Dream Liquid Mousse (P599). This is a watery foundation that gives a demi-matte, natural finish while feeling light on skin. It promises to give an airbrush finish and it can do that with the right brush.

Coverage and finish. The Maybelline Liquid Mousse is a nice daily foundation that has light to medium coverage. It's sheer on the first layer, so I recommend that you use a minimum of two generous layers if you need medium coverage. If you just want to even out and brighten up your skin, one layer would be enough.

This can cover minor blemishes and light eye bags if you use a generous amount. The finish is very natural - not completely matte, I think, since it has a hint of dewiness to it. It would be great to use during events when you'd be heavily photographed. It doesn't have SPF and is quite photogenic with its demi-matte coverage!

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Red hot Maybelline Colorsensational Lipsticks

Are you still reluctant to wear loud lipstick? I'm not going to force you if it's really not your thing, but if you want to then here are a few steps to ease you into your scandalous color of choice. Remember - it's all in your head! Loud colors are fun to wear and shouldn't be taken too seriously. It's just lipstick.  You can take it off any time.

That being said, today I want to talk about a mini-selection of daring Maybelline Colorsensational Lipsticks (P399). These come in different variations of red (except one) hence the color of the tubes.

The formula is just okay. It's pigmented and fairly smooth, although I find that it can be drying after a couple of hours (you know the SOP for this). The lasting power of the bright reds are good at three hours plus a stain, but the lighter ones like the peach and coral - not so much at less than two hours. It has this strong sweetish vanilla scent that fades away after a few minutes.

Overall, the Maybelline Colorsensational is not too shabby for the price. I do love the reds here, which I have finally swatched for you!

Let's begin.

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Maybelline Lasting Drama Gel Liner

Feeling under fire today! Work has been non-stop since I woke up but I'm taking a break to write about an awesome eyeliner I got acquainted with recently. Now I've seen a lot of raves about the Maybelline Lasting Drama Gel Liner (P449), but I didn't jump into the bandwagon because I already have the MAC Fluidline. That's the best gel eyeliner for me! Can the Maybelline one compare?

It's a nice, more affordable alternative, but it's not quite like the Fluidline in terms of pigmentation and texture. As for the lasting power - whoa! The Maybelline one will not smudge, smear, or fade even if you wear it all day. You can rely on it to look fantastic from the time you leave your house up to the second you wash it off.

You might be wondering why the packaging is different. Well, it's because this is the reformulated version that was just recently released. :) Here's a quick rundown!

What I love the product 

  • It's incredibly long-lasting. I will not attempt to wear it for 36 hours but I've worn it 10 ten hours at most and it stayed fresh. It didn't smudge, smear, fade, or slip on my upper lids.
  • Decent pigmentation. It's solid in one line as long as the brush is properly loaded with a generous amount of product.
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Capsule reviews: Hot from Maybelline

Hey folks! I have some new products from Maybelline that I'm excited to finally talk about. I've had them for a few weeks now and, well, color me impressed! It's been a while since I used anything from the brand so I'm surprised by how nice their stuff are now. 

Here are capsule reviews of Maybelline's latest: The Jewels by Colorsensational Lipsticks, Master Liner 24-Hr Cream Pencil, and Eye Studio Lumineyes Eyeshadow.

The Jewels by Colorsensational Lipstick (P399) is a collection of six jewel-toned lip colors in uber creamy, pigmented formulas. They're not waxy and they stay on for a loooong time given that the colors are on the dark, brilliant spectrum. They leave a nice stain too without feeling too drying!

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