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Quick Review: All Covered by Anna Cay Air Blender Sponge

When YouTube star Anna Cay messaged me about sending over her new sponges, I was pretty excited. I got to work with her on a project before and really appreciated how detail-intensive she can be! I also gathered that she really cares about her subscribers and customers, so I knew that she wouldn’t release a sub-par product just to have something to sell. True enough, the All Covered by Anna Cay Air Blender Sponge (P288) did not disappoint and has become my go-to sponge pretty much ever since I got it.

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Makeup Sponge Battle, Round 2: Miniso, AOA, SOLA, and Real Techniques comparison

Makeup sponges are some of the most universally recognized tools in beauty. Remember your first foray into makeup? Did you immediately go hunting for a brush, or were you first acquainted with the humble sponge applicator of your powder foundation compact? Mine was the latter, and I’m sure I’m not alone in this!

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Budget Beauty Throw Down: Six beauty sponges at P250 and under

What is the secret to creating a flawless face base? Does it depend on the foundation formula? Is it the little tricks and techniques that make all the difference? Or will your application tools be the deciding factor? It's all of the above! This is why keeping ourselves updated with the latest developments can bring us closer to foundation perfection.

Thanks to its ability to create a skin-like finish while providing ample coverage, the Beauty Blender has remained a constant favorite among both beauty enthusiasts and professional makeup artists.

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