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Makeup Forever Full Cover Concealer

It doesn't matter how great your skincare system is - if you're not careful about the other junk you put on your face, you will. Still. Break. Out. I've made quite a few mistakes these past few weeks so lately my face looks like a blemish exploded on the surface and made little babies while shitfaced with alcohol. Terrible imagery, I know. But that's how my face looks like at the moment.

My recent FOTD photos show no blemishes, but that's because I use two heavy concealers to cover them up. They're like magic or (if we're must be more prosaic) Photoshop in a tube/jar. I love the MAC Studio Finish Concealer but sometimes a blemish is too dark or fresh that I need something more opaque and absolutely budge-proof. This is where the Makeup Forever Full Cover Concealer comes in.


This MUFE Full Cover concealer is pretty awesome in covering up ANYTHING on your face. It could be a mole, pimple, blemish, anything will disappear when you wear this and it will not rub off even if you sweat or oil up. It's truly waterproof - it just dries and stays put much like how an Urban Decay Primer Potion would (you know what I mean if you've tried UDPP).

So let's do it!

What I love about the product 

  • Completely opaque. It's perfect for covering up very dark blemishes, moles, angry zits, or discoloration. It meant business when it said "full cover, yo".
  • Waterproof. When it dries, it's a lot like how the UDPP primer is. You can't make it budge anymore unless you rub very, very hard or use a cream/oil makeup remover. Perfect for oily and sweaty skin.
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