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MAC Week: Zoom Waterfast Lash

MAC isn't particularly famous for their mascara selections, I'll give you that. I've tried two from the brand and liked them well enough, but they're not the OMG-you-gotta-have-it-now kind, you know? Still, I thought it'd be nice to give you an idea on what to expect from a MAC mascara. I have here the Zoom Waterfast Lash (P1,000+), a water-resistant formula that promises to lengthen and volumize lashes beautifully.

I like it. The wand is small and slender at the tip so it gets on my upper and lower lashes easily. The formula is easy to build up, so much that in two coats I can achieve a thick fringe that could pass off as falsies. It's quite black and intense! It barely smudged on me, but I just have to use an oil-based makeup remover to take it off.

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MAC Week: Prep + Prime Fortified Skin Enhancer SPF35 PA+++

I'd be lying if I said that everyday is a mega hyper inspiring blogging day. Sometimes I just really want to get work out of the way and/or attend to my other hobbies. Sometimes I don't feel like adding yet another beauty product review to the hundreds that this website already contains. I mean did you even notice that I've already written 2,210 posts in the last six years? I don't but sometimes I do notice.

Obviously I can't blog forever. Maybe I'll stop when I reach 5,000 and finally, truly feel that I've said all I can possibly say about the beauty industry. That's still some time in the future though! When I don't feel inspired, I try to be consistent instead. Inspiration is awesome to have but it won't sustain me and take me all the way to the top. Consistency, while dull and repetitive, is reliable. No one can't take it away from me except me.

Anyhoo, we're back to MAC Week. I have here the Prep + Prime Fortified Skin Enhancer SPF35 PA+++ (P1,450), a tinted sunscreen that has illuminating properties. This was a CC cream before CC creams were born. It's quite sheer but it brightens my complexion wonderfully!

This isn't a primer in the sense that it makes makeup stay on longer. It's really designed to correct complexions with certain issues like redness (Neutralize is recommended, a yellow), dullness (Adjust, a peach), and sallowness/yellowness (Illuminate, a lavender cream). I have Neutralize here and true enough it can tone down redness and keep my skin bright while at it.

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MAC Week: Carnal Instinct Lipstick from the Magnetic Nude Collection

It's MAC Week once again! The brand just sent me some press material + a bunch of products so I'll be going through them and letting you know what's up. ^_^ MAC remains one of the most relevant brands in the beauty world so it's important to pay attention to its trend reports and collections. It's great if you can buy the products, but more than anything it's the inspiration you take away that really improves your makeup style.

For my first post, here's a daring lipstick from the Magnetic Nude Collection, which was released last month. This collection features a lot of shimmery skintone nudes and molten metals. It's a winter collection, hence the dramatic play in contrast and colors. I know we're moving on to summer but the Carnal Instinct Lipstick (P1,000) is still a beautiful color to wear!

MAC describes it as a deep brick red with gold pearl. It's a dark, dramatic color that can turn off those with weaker constitutions (lol) but if you adore unforgettable lip colors then this you shouldn't miss. Carnal Instinct is a heart-stopping, dare I say vampiric shade of red that you won't easily find in other brands.

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M.A.C Week: My top five must-haves from the brand

I hope you've enjoyed M.A.C week! Some of you have requested me to extend it, but unfortunately the other products I have here have not yet been photographed or used. That means I won't be able to write a proper review. Which then means, I might do another M.A.C week in the future for you guys! ^_^ For now I'll post the reviews any time they're ready.

To close this themed week, I thought I'd talk about five of my favorite M.A.C products. These are the things that I always pick up and would really, really hate to run out of. Check them out!

MAC Brow Set in Girl Boy. You know, I didn't like Girl Boy this much when I first started using it, but I've eventually developed a dependence on it. I haven't found anything that can create depth and highlight on the brows the same way Girl Boy does. The secret is in the shimmer.

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M.A.C Week: My updated eyeshadow collection

Hi folks! I apologize for missing a M.A.C post yesterday as I was busier than usual. Anyway, we're back on track just in time for the last day! I'll *try* to post my top five favorite M.A.C products later just to show what I always use in my collection. It's that kind of brand where you can get a lot of cool, memorable things that you won't really wear that often because they're too, well, striking. 

So! Today I'll be showing you my updated 15-pan M.A.C palette. I only have two empty spaces left (yay), and my plan is to get one bright purple and possibly a bright green or Carbon. It took me a couple of years to fill it up because I didn't want to blow P15,000+ asap on one palette. I mean, I can but I won't because that's too much for a simple hobbyist like me. Thankfully, I get M.A.C eyeshadows as gifts every once in a while. :P

One of the more common questions I get is, "which M.A.C eyeshadows should I start with?" If you have Asian skin like mine, yellow-toned and possibly medium going on morena, I highly recommend the following: 

Ricepaper (for highlighting the browbone), All That Glitters (a warm champagne which is great as a lid wash), Wedge (a matte neutral, light brown, perfect for crease contouring), and Espresso (a neutral brown which creates a great smoky brown eye and perfectly shaded eyebrows). Those would be four great eyeshadows to start with, for in the future you'll be able to mix and match them with various other shades.

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M.A.C Week: Temperature Rising launch and product information

M.A.C usually has a release or two every month which reflects the trends of the season. This June, where it's summer in the U.S., M.A.C presents Temperature Rising, a sizzling collection that is inspired by steamy summer nights and sweaty bronzed skin. The collection is all about warm, smoky colors with well-placed dazzle and requisite brights - the M.A.C trademark, of course!

The Philippine launch happened last Saturday at Rustan's Glorietta. One of the country's top models, Jessica Yang, graced the event. A M.A.C makeup artist demonstrated the scorching hot look of Temperature Rising using the products from the collection while a DJ scratched tunes in the background.

Here's a demo of the look, in photos! Later on you'll see a few swatches I've done on the lipsticks. 

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M.A.C Week: Rebel, See Sheer, and Lustering Lipsticks

M.A.C lipsticks are some of the most vibrant, complex ones out there. You can find anything from sweet pinks, severe browns, sexy reds, daring purples, or even stark black if you're into that. ;) Each new collection has at least a new shade or two of lipstick so there's always something to covet if you're a collector, or a simple lover of color. 

The downside is that not all lipsticks have a great formula. Some may look streaky or fade easily. That's why you should always check reviews and swatch the lippies in person if you can, as this will save you a lot of grief in the long run. I've reviewed a few already so please do check them out! That said, here's a new batch of permanent M.A.C lipsticks for you to check out.

I'll begin with the MAC Lipstick in Rebel (P1,000). Rebel has a satin finish, which is full-bodied, pigmented, and a wee bit glossy. It's a color that I've always been hearing about from beauty bloggers here and abroad, so I got one to see if it's worth the hype. Dahhlings, it is. It's such an amazing color!

I've always thought of Rebel as a gothic red shade based on the swatches I've seen online, but on me it's a deep fuchsia with a strong purple base. This is daring alright, no question about it! I usually prefer to wear this in full during evening engagements, but during the day a stain of Rebel can live through a greasy lunch. Yes, it's quite long-wearing.

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M.A.C Week: Blot Powder in Medium Deep

M.A.C makeup has been a staple in my kit since I bought the Studiofinish concealer four years ago. I didn't have a lot of money then, being a fresh grad on my first job, but I remember feverishly researching that product and swatching it repeatedly until I coughed up the cash. Incidentally, I still use the Studiofinish up to this day (I think this is my fifth pan)!

I've been steadily acquiring M.A.C products since then. They're dependable, and they come in such wonderful colors too. I have a few new M.A.C items here that deserve the spotlight. So - ta-dah! - I would like to present Project Vanity's M.A.C Week!

I'll start with a product that brings me back full circle: the M.A.C Blot Powder in Medium Deep (P1,375). This is one of the first I've ever tried from the brand! I remember reviewing this years ago, but for some reason that post wasn't properly exported to my .com domain. Oh well. Here's a proper review now!

The M.A.C Blot is a fairly straightforward powder. It's matte, has a silky texture and translucent coverage, although you can build it up if you wish. It's amazing at controling oil without "thickening" the makeup underneath it. It's incredibly useful for long-haul days when oil is just another part of the job description!

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