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Quick Rave: The MAC Natural Vice Eyeshadow Palette + a lipstick swatch

I have an unhealthy appetite for eyeshadow palettes. Seeing colors in one box together brings me an immense amount of joy (just ask my watercolor and color pencil set collection too) so I keep them with the same fervor that Gollum has for The One Ring! Recently, MAC sent me a couple of products from their recently launched Electric Wonder collection, and this included possibly the best neutral eyeshadow palette I’ve come across.

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M.A.C Week: Blot Powder in Medium Deep

M.A.C makeup has been a staple in my kit since I bought the Studiofinish concealer four years ago. I didn't have a lot of money then, being a fresh grad on my first job, but I remember feverishly researching that product and swatching it repeatedly until I coughed up the cash. Incidentally, I still use the Studiofinish up to this day (I think this is my fifth pan)!

I've been steadily acquiring M.A.C products since then. They're dependable, and they come in such wonderful colors too. I have a few new M.A.C items here that deserve the spotlight. So - ta-dah! - I would like to present Project Vanity's M.A.C Week!

I'll start with a product that brings me back full circle: the M.A.C Blot Powder in Medium Deep (P1,375). This is one of the first I've ever tried from the brand! I remember reviewing this years ago, but for some reason that post wasn't properly exported to my .com domain. Oh well. Here's a proper review now!

The M.A.C Blot is a fairly straightforward powder. It's matte, has a silky texture and translucent coverage, although you can build it up if you wish. It's amazing at controling oil without "thickening" the makeup underneath it. It's incredibly useful for long-haul days when oil is just another part of the job description!

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Reader question: Show us your MAC!

I'm building my MAC makeup stash and would like to ask you Liz as well as you guys which MAC products are your top faves. Foundation, concealer, powder, blushes and lipsticks? I have medium, combination- oily skin. Dyed my hair caramel brown with medium blonde hi-lites. Kinda like Sophia Vergara. :) Im NC 40 Studio sculpt foundie, NW 20 in concealer. This kind of puzzles me...Hope you can share your MAC stash with me. Thanks in advance! - Jen


Hi Jen! I love MAC, but I wouldn't call myself a connoiseur or a collector. I am missing some key products and colors in my collection because I don't need them yet, what with all the makeup I already have! You should definitely ask Sophie, Brigitte, and Phoebe about their MAC stash, they're avid fans.


That said, my modest collection contains pieces that I cannot live without (figuratively that is). Some of them are gifts, some I bought myself. MAC makes fantastic colors, but their neutral makeup are some of the best out there. They flatter my NC35 skintone very well; I wear them when I want to look as beautiful as I can make myself. :P You'll notice I don't have a MAC foundation. I bought one before but I broke out so I didn't try it again. Maybe I should? I think they've reformulated.

Anyway, here goes!


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MAC Spring-Summer 2012 Trend Recap

I've already shared some of 2012's upcoming makeup trends, and this time, I have more! MAC Philippines recently launched their Spring-Summer 2012 Trend Recap, which features four looks that will be huge this year. We're talking iredescent, lit-from-within skin, strong eyebrows, matte/satin lips, metallic shades, and bold swatches of color in strategic areas.

Nicole Thomson, a Senior Makeup artist at MAC, flew in from Australia to demonstrate the new beauty looks to the press at Midas Hotel. 

And here are the looks to beat this year!


Gorgeous, not grittily graffiti-esque, it’s about wearing neoprene colour against plump, workout-fresh skin and an aerodynamic brow in an effortlessly chic, considered way.

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Back at MAC

Who here loves MAC? (Me, me!) Okay. Now that we know who you are, I'd like to share a new tidbit from the brand: they've brought their best-selling and cult favorite products back to Manila! Yes, lipsticks like Rebel, Peachstock, Ruby Woo, and other formerly out-of-stock blush and eyeshadow shades are back at MAC.

You don't have to go to Hong Kong or duty-free malls just so you can score your favorite MAC product since they're most likely now available locally.

They did it because, well, that's what you wanted! MAC Philippines listens. So if you have any more requests, inquiries, feedback, or even complaints, you can leave them here and I'm sure MAC will read them. :)

Okay, so here are some of the newly restocked products at MAC:

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MAC Prep + Prime Eye Base

Last month, I ran out of my favorite eyeshadow primers (UDPP and TFSI) at the same time so I decided to hunt for a new one. I'm foolish like that. I have holy grail products sure, but I also like to explore other options. It makes for good blog fodder, and who knows, the new one might actually work better!

Anyway, I came across the MAC Prep + Prime Eye (P1,000+) last August. I normally look for online reviews before buying a product in this price range, but I got this one on impulse plus I was in a hurry at that time. I didn't like it at first but I suppose it's just one of those things that grow on you, you know?

What I love about the product

  • Intensifies eyeshadows, like a good eye primer should. It makes pigments and shimmers adhere better on skin.
  • It feels like a very thin, lightweight, liquidy concealer, so it evens out your lid and can act as a base for your undereye concealer as well. If you don't have super dark bags, this can actually double as a concealer by itself.
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Tutorial: MAC Peacocky look

Peacocky is the latest MAC collection to hit Philippine shores. It's inspired by the gorgeous and fierce colors of one of nature's most magnificent birds. Aside from the unique color story, what's different about this collection is the release of the Mega Metal Eyeshadows (P1,175), a step up the usual MAC eyeshadows when it comes to pigmentation, texture, and even the size of the pan (they're larger). Another new release is the Kissable Lipcolor (P1,150), a gloss-cum-lipstick that will impress you with the pigmentation! It's as good as liquid lipstick and comes in bigger tubes.

I asked MAC if they can demonstrate how to do a Peacocky look, so here's what makeup artist Mikee Raymundo came up with! This look is perfect for evenings out with your friends or when you're going to a special event with a compulsion to wow. Here's a step-by-step photo coverage of the look.

Before: Say hi to Angela!


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How to depot MAC eyeshadows

I've been looking for a MAC 15-pan magnetic palette (P835) for MONTHS, but finally, MAC Glorietta restocked! I excitedly checked YouTube videos to touch up on my knowledge of depotting, or moving individual eyeshadows, to a magnetic palette. It would be so much easier to have all my eyeshadows in one place, making it more convenient to pick and use colors.

The procedure looked quite simple and quick to do - but I should have known not to judge appearances! It's harder than the YouTube gurus make it seem. However if you're careful, depotting your eyeshadows shouldn't be too much trouble.

Here's what you need:

Potted eyeshadows, thin knife (preferably dull), pin, candle

Thong, alcohol, tissue, small flat magnets with adhesive on one side (not in photo)

Step 1: Place the tip of the knife in the slot near where the cap locks in. Gently pry the eyeshadow loose. This is what it should look like:

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My MAC Eyeshadows

When I started getting into makeup, I would always ogle at beauty bloggers who use mostly MAC eyeshadows in their FOTDs. It seemed to me that the best eyeshadows in the world are made by MAC. I've always dreamed of owning a full customized palette, but I couldn't afford to start my collection since these eyeshadows aren't cheap at P870 per pan.

Three years down the road, I realized that there are other great eyeshadows that offer more value for money (like Urban Decay). Nonetheless I still want to complete a 15-pan palette someday even if I have to buy one pan of MAC eyeshadow every month or so! Haha. I actually just bought an empty palette after waiting for MONTHS for one to become locally available, but that's for another post. Today I'll just review the eyeshadows I have. Most of them I bought from Duty Free, while two came from a swap.

Predictably, they're all neutral. I want to start my collection with a solid foundation, hence the wearable colors. Later on I'm going to add more adventurous shades! For now I have some of MAC's more famous eyeshadows.

What I love about the product

  • Extremely pigmented. I don't even need to use a base to make the colors pop.
  • Amazing texture. Each eyeshadow is smooth and blends in without a fuss.
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Duty Free makeup haul

Yesterday I visited Duty Free with my parents. I was super excited about this trip, because as you know, MAC makeup is already available there! I read online that the price difference between the US MAC and the Duty Free is very small. For example, eyeshadows are $14.50 in the US, but they're only $15.50 here. Not bad.

I got three MAC eyeshadows (All That Glitters, Wedge, Amber Lights), a blush for contouring (Harmony), and a nude lippie called Blankety. The eyeshadows were at $15.50 (P685 at current conversion rates), blushes at $21.50 (P950), and lipsticks at $17 (P751).

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Makeup swappin'

You know what I love about blogging? Aside from getting to share my finds and thoughts on beauty and fashion, I get to meet a lot of new people - some of them I consider my friends! One of the people I met through this blog is Anne. She works in Canada and loves makeup as much as I do. So, when she offered to swap products with me, I was more than happy to oblige! We met up yesterday at the Mall of Asia (picture to follow).

I swapped out some of my favorite stuff, plus an Ukay Manila dress I personally picked for her. Here's what she gave me!

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