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MAC Week: Carnal Instinct Lipstick from the Magnetic Nude Collection

It's MAC Week once again! The brand just sent me some press material + a bunch of products so I'll be going through them and letting you know what's up. ^_^ MAC remains one of the most relevant brands in the beauty world so it's important to pay attention to its trend reports and collections. It's great if you can buy the products, but more than anything it's the inspiration you take away that really improves your makeup style.

For my first post, here's a daring lipstick from the Magnetic Nude Collection, which was released last month. This collection features a lot of shimmery skintone nudes and molten metals. It's a winter collection, hence the dramatic play in contrast and colors. I know we're moving on to summer but the Carnal Instinct Lipstick (P1,000) is still a beautiful color to wear!

MAC describes it as a deep brick red with gold pearl. It's a dark, dramatic color that can turn off those with weaker constitutions (lol) but if you adore unforgettable lip colors then this you shouldn't miss. Carnal Instinct is a heart-stopping, dare I say vampiric shade of red that you won't easily find in other brands.

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Hot from MAC: Huggable Lipcolour, the glossy lipstick that sticks

Matte and satin are forever but there's a renewed love for shiny lips in 2014. Glossy, luscious colors are all the rage as new formulas come out that challenge the stereotype. The new MAC Huggable Lipcolour (P1,150) is one such formula. It promises six whole hours of wear while moisturizing your lips at the same time. Too good to be true? Nope! It's for real alright. 

The Huggable Lipcolour is a cross between the Sheen Supreme and the Pro Longwear. It's shinier than Sheen Supreme, but it has the staying power of the Pro Longwear. It hugs my lips tightly and is loathe to let go even when I eat or drink!

This is limited edition! The Huggable Lipcolour comes in a gunmetal tube, as opposed to the usual black MAC packaging.

Eight hours is the longest I've worn this lipstick. At the end of it, there was still a glossy color on my lips. Seriously. It starts fading by the 5th hour but it never really goes away until I take it off. Even though it's long-wearing, it's moisturizing enough by itself. I can skip lip balm and my lips would feel alright!

Noel, a MAC Makeup Artist, applying the new lipstick on me

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Lipstick Week: MAC Pro Longwear in Good To Go and Sheen Supreme in Bare Again

A good lipstick wardrobe has an even mix of daily, subdued shades and bright sparks of color. At least 30% of your lipstick collection should comprise of unforgettable shades, the kind that people stop to ask what you have on. Trust me, it's good for your self-esteem! Even if there aren't many occasions to wear these bright shades out, knowing that you have them and can wear them any time you damn well please already adds to that feeling of empowerment. 

The question is: when should you go bright, and when should you go light? A touch of flattering color on your lips is ideal for more conservative settings like at your office, a business meeting, or perhaps a work-related conference. It's also great for any situation wherein you want to look approachable and likeable - meeting the parents, a new group of friends, making a sale, things like that.

Bright lipstick, on the other hand, is perfect for special occasions, parties, and casual get-togethers among close friends or co-workers. If you have a creative, image-heavy job like being a makeup artist, stylist, actress, magazine writer, etc. then you can pretty much wear any color you feel like!

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M.A.C Week: Rebel, See Sheer, and Lustering Lipsticks

M.A.C lipsticks are some of the most vibrant, complex ones out there. You can find anything from sweet pinks, severe browns, sexy reds, daring purples, or even stark black if you're into that. ;) Each new collection has at least a new shade or two of lipstick so there's always something to covet if you're a collector, or a simple lover of color. 

The downside is that not all lipsticks have a great formula. Some may look streaky or fade easily. That's why you should always check reviews and swatch the lippies in person if you can, as this will save you a lot of grief in the long run. I've reviewed a few already so please do check them out! That said, here's a new batch of permanent M.A.C lipsticks for you to check out.

I'll begin with the MAC Lipstick in Rebel (P1,000). Rebel has a satin finish, which is full-bodied, pigmented, and a wee bit glossy. It's a color that I've always been hearing about from beauty bloggers here and abroad, so I got one to see if it's worth the hype. Dahhlings, it is. It's such an amazing color!

I've always thought of Rebel as a gothic red shade based on the swatches I've seen online, but on me it's a deep fuchsia with a strong purple base. This is daring alright, no question about it! I usually prefer to wear this in full during evening engagements, but during the day a stain of Rebel can live through a greasy lunch. Yes, it's quite long-wearing.

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Lipstick Week: MAC Pink Nouveau, Lavender Whip, Viva Glam Nicki 2

Lavender is an intimidating color to wear with Asian skin - some are virtually unwearable - but they can work with the right supporting colors. If that fails, just blend them with your other lippies to create interesting shades! Today I thought I'd post swatches of three MAC blue-based lavenders with various levels of pink in them. ^_^ 

I have a permanent and popular shade (MAC Pink Noveau), a limited-edition repromote (MAC Lavender Whip from Baking Beauties), and the MAC Viva Glam Nicki 2 which is for the brand's AIDS charity. I have already reviewed MAC lipsticks before so I won't go into details, but quickly, these lipsticks vary in pigmentation and have a decent staying power (three hours). I have to admit that while MAC lipsticks aren't THE BEST when it comes to formula, they come in trendy, one-of-a-kind shades that other brands try to copy.

Here are the swatches and color descriptions!

MAC Pink Noveau is a bright pink with strong lavender undertones. It's a cool shade and a struggle to wear if you're morena, but on my medium yellow skintone it looks striking and interesting. I usually prefer to pair this with a dark, smoky eye to balance the coolness. A barbie pink blush always works with this particular lipstick!

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MAC Cremesheen Lipstick in Sunny Seoul

The MAC Cremesheen Lipstick in Sunny Seoul (P1,000) is my go-to lipstick lately. It's bright yet wearable, and goes with so many looks! I always pick it up because it's so safe and friendly-looking. If you've been following my Instagrams then you would have seen this lippie a couple of times already. ;) 

Sunny Seoul is a creamy warm pink with a tiny bit of pearl frost. It's not opaque as I hoped it would be, but a couple of heavy layers can easily solve that. It would look awesome on fair skin because it verges on pastel already (very ethereal on light skintones).

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The one red to rule them all: MAC Russian Red

Remember my red phase? Yep, still not quite over it. I was in Powerplant a couple of weeks back when I randomly decided to buy a true red lipstick. For the life of me I don't know why I did it, because I have maybe seven red lipppies in my collection already. I just wanted a true red and there's only one lipstick I know that fits in that category: MAC Russian Red (P1,000).

Like I said, I already have a handful of reds, but Russian Red is on a whole new level of its own. It's a seductive, intense, blue-based red that nobody can miss. It's completely opaque in one layer and has a matte finish. I would recommend this to anyone who needs a memorable, eye-catching red - skintone issues aside as this is touted to match all shades. Makes teeth look super white too!

Now matte lipsticks are great because they tend to be very pigmented and long-lasting. The downside, however, is that they drag when you apply them, plus they can also be very drying.

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MAC Lustre Lipstick in Plink!

The name's cute and so is the shade! MAC Plink! is a shiny baby pink with lots of fine silver shimmer. I think it's perfect for fairer girls since it can work as a delicate MLBB shade. It's a bit trickier to match with medium to dark-skinned girls though, due to the pale color.

It's sheerer than I would like and the frostiness is not helping. However, once I layer it on, the color shows up nicely. I suggest wearing a nude lip liner underneath to really make the color pop (if you have darker skin).

As with all MAC lipsticks, Plink! has a good staying power due to its drier texture. It also has that signature MAC vanilla scent!

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My current favorite lipstick: MAC Viva Glam VI Special Edition

Bright lipstick is my default preference on most days, mainly because I tend to wear boring eye makeup. I apply neutrals in different variations but yes, it all comes down to the same thing. Bright lipstick is the best and easiest way to look rad and daring. It's like cheating!

And that is why I'm not often in MLBB (my lips but better) colors. However, when I got my hands on the MAC Viva Glam VI Special Edition Lipstick, I ended up liking it more than I expected.

It's a pink-purple shade that goes on smoothly and stays on for a good four hours if I don't eat. Unlike other MAC lipstick formulas, it's thin and moisturizing, so I even skip lip balm.

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MAC Viva Glam IV lipstick

How do you feel about frosty lipsticks? Me, I wasn't a fan. I found them tacky and outdated. But hey, it seems that I haven't been looking in the right places! If the MAC Viva Glam IV lipstick (P1,000) is to be used as a benchmark, MAC frost lipsticks are actually pretty good. In fact, I do think I like them better than the Amplified Creme ones!

MAC frost lipsticks feel lighter on the lips and has a nice, smooth finish. The frost isn't too obvious to begin with - it has more of a luster than the usual frost effect. Like most MAC lipsticks, this has good staying power but it's not as good as, say, Satin or Matte types.

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