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Recipe: Green beans and salted egg

My absolute favorite restaurant is Lugang. Everything is delicious, it's the right price, and the staff are the best! I usually eat lunch there with my mom. Now I already have my favorites, which is what I always order, but a couple of weeks ago I spotted something interesting on the menu - green beans and salted egg! I've never tried anything like it but it sounded yummy in my mind. I went ahead and ordered it.

Oh, it was as good as it sounded, and ridiculously simple too. It was such an unexpected combination but it somehow works! The crunch of the beans, the salty flavor of the chopped eggs - soooo yummy. Here's my version of my new Lugang favorite!

What you need:

About 25-30 pieces of green beans, locally known as baguio beans. Chop em up!

One salted/red egg, chopped also

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