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Runway to reality and the Live Love Lolz Season 3 Premier

I think I've officially given up on fashion blogging, at least, with a proper camera. It's just not comfortable for me to lug around my chunky Canon and even if it were it's awkward to grab random people to take a photo of me. It's more "acceptable" to request for an outfit shot using my iPhone 5 (powered by Smart LTE of course hehe). The picture is clear and I love adding vintage-y filters on Instagram.

This is what I had on yesterday - a dress and scarf from the Marc by Marc Jacobs S/S 13 collection. Thank you SSI! I enjoyed wearing this look although it's not my usual. And hey, that scarf-on-waist thing is brilliant! You can even do that with jeans and a plain white top, which was also done at the runway show.

So last night I guested again at my favoritest podcast ever, Live Love Lolz. Would you believe that the show is already on Season 3? It honestly feels just like yesterday when the host (and my friend), Karrots Nazareno enthusiastically talked about her latest venture.

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Liz Lanuzo on Live Love Lolz

Last Thursday I guested at Karrots Nazareno's show, Live Love Lolz. It was the most fun I've had in a while! There we tried the Pagoda Cold Wave lotion (the real thing), talked about beauty and fashion tips, and blogging of course.

Click the image to view the 44-minute podcast!

Before you watch I would like to apologize in advance for my very obvious scalp (got my hair blowdried and the salon person put something in my hair that sort of separated them on top) and for fidgeting a lot. But! It's okay. Hope you still enjoy watching.

Some highlights:

Pagoda Cold Wave lotion review: the ultimate beauty review. Hehe.

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