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Are these lipsticks really universal? We test Maybelline’s Lipsticks For All line

Foundations used to be the one makeup product that I could live without. For the longest time, I couldn’t find a shade match for my morena skin among the drugstore choices I could afford. I would have given up on foundations completely had I not found my color match at a high-end brand. While brands have been making an effort to be more inclusive with their foundation shade ranges, the same is not always true for lipstick color options. Ever fallen in love with a lipstick shade only to find that it doesn’t work for your skin tone? It’s a little heartbreaking.

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New shades of #BLKtravels: A mini collector’s dream come true?

I am absolutely weak for minis (see Exhibits 1, 2, and 3). Since I like lugging my beauty essentials around, collecting travel-sized skincare and makeup has always been my happy pill. Recently, I swooned over the new shades of blk Cosmetics #blktravels when I spotted them on Instagram. Paris, Los Angeles, New York, and London are bold additions to their initial collection of MLBBs and more classic hues.

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The Lipstick Spree: 14 PV girls on whether or not Tom Ford lippies are worth it

Have you ever experienced falling in love with makeup in a very real, heartbeat-skipping sort of way? I've been a fan for a long time but something about luxury lipsticks just stop my heart. Now, I honestly don't get excited over lip products because I'm more of a face base fan, but when the sleek black box stamped with Tom Ford in gold lettering arrived for the PV team, I knew this was going to be a very different experience.

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Better Than Basic: Everything you need to know about the new Careline

As a teen with a student's allowance, I loved haunting department store makeup sections for beauty finds that fit into my limited budget. That's how I discovered Ever Bilena’s “little sister”, Careline Cosmetics. The cutesy packaging and affordable price made it the perfect jump-off point for a beginner’s makeup adventure! I've long since moved on to more "grown up" brands so it was exciting to get reacquainted with Careline, now looking better than ever.

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The Ultimate Lipstick Bible: How to find the best formula + finish for your lips

With the beauty industry constantly producing new products at breakneck speed, we're very much spoiled for choice. Sometimes though, the feeling of having so many options can be overwhelming. I think this is especially true when it comes to lipsticks. Color options are a beautiful nightmare in and of itself but finishes compound that situation tenfold.

To beauty shopaholics like us, having a favorite is key to narrowing down the “financial blackholes” we can potentially sink into. Unfortunately, bankruptcy by lipstick is just not a socially acceptable incapacity (yet.) Today, we’re going to break down the world of lipsticks and hopefully help you, dear reader, edit your lipstick wardrobe and stick to pieces you'll actually use.

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Staff Picks: Lippies on daily rotation

If I had to drastically trim down my makeup collection to just a few items, I can probably live with just one foundation, brow pencil, mascara, and blush. But can you imagine just using one lippie? Hell no.

We all probably have a lot more lipsticks than we can reasonably use up before their expiry dates. We may not love every single one but I hang onto them because we like the option of being able to switch up our look if we so choose. If we're being honest though, we play favorites and usually just have a couple actually in use. These are the shades we're currently rocking!

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