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Avon Shine Attract Lipstick swatches and review

What is your ideal lip product, the kind that you will actually use everyday? Many of us love shine, moisture, and beautiful color on our lips. That kind of effect usually involves three layers of product to pull off - balm, lipstick, then gloss. However, with the new Avon Shine Attract Lipstick, you can skip all of that and just go straight to pretty lips!

Before I proceed with my glowing review, lemme just say that these lipsticks are not the kind you expect to stay on all day. They dry up on the lips within three hours, although the bolder colors leave a nice stain. If you're okay with re-applying (like me) then I think you'll love this. But if not, there are other equally affordable brands that can give you better lasting power.

What I do love about these lipsticks is the fact thay they give me a nice, glossy color while moisturizing my lips at the same time. They also don't feel like anything once you have them on. Well okay, at most they feel like a thin, slinky lip balm. The moisture lasts until it dries, around three hours from application.

Some people may be discouraged that, upon getting the product, they find out that they're not as pigmented or even as normal lipsticks. So, I made a video on how to apply it correctly! WATCH.

Done? Now here are the swatches.

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Revlon Colorburst lipsticks

Yesterday I went to do groceries at Market! Market! Very mundane I know, but to shake things up I wore bright, almost frightening, fuchsia lipstick. My face was bare except for the the Dr. Jart Gold Label BB cream (for the SPF45). As for clothes, I just had a plain white t-shirt and bleached shorts on. 

IMG_9995 by project_vanity.

It's shallow, but I felt good. I felt powerful. I had enough confidence to wear a lipstick very few would dare to touch. Lol!

Lipsticks are powerful tools that have existed for hundreds of centuries. I love my lipsticks because they allow me to easily express myself even if I'm just wearing a bare face and boring clothes. Pinks and nudes are fine, but loud lip color is the easiest way to make a statement! Anyway, that fuchsia lip is brought to you by Revlon.

IMG_9948 by project_vanity.

Will review the eyeshadows soon!

IMG_9954 by project_vanity.

Revlon has just released a new line of lipsticks aptly called Colorburst. It's their answer to the popular Maybelline ColorSensational line of lipsticks. They're more expensive at almost twice the price of Maybelline - P575 per tube - so I'm sure you'd like to know. Are they better?

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