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Why what we wear underneath matters more than what the world sees

The age of social media has given birth to an interesting phenomena called "doing it for the 'gram". Whenever we post something - because surely we have to post something - we do it with one eye on how good it will look like on our various feeds. It doesn't matter how uncomfortable or miserable we may be at that time. If the post looks great, and 50 other likes agree with us, then we feel good. We feel important. 

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Wacoal says, "Be body beautiful at any age!"

Our body changes as we age. That’s just a fact of life! The best we can do is to take care of it by eating healthy, exercising, and avoiding bad habits like alcohol and cigarettes, but really, how many of us are saints? We want to live once in a while, but whether we like it or not, our body takes the toll.

A group of bloggers attended a Wacoal talk one Saturday afternoon, where a representative discussed how our body changes as we grow older. I’m sure all of us have an idea since we’ve seen several women age, but when it was dissected in detail, my gosh! I found myself squirming inside. 

It seems that, even with proper care, our body will deteriorate due to gravity and the normal pace of aging (less elasticity, muscle growth, and overall moisture). Observe:

A diagram of how breasts age

How hips change with age

This is not to say that aging is ugly and that we should just throw the towel when we hit our 40s. No. I would hate for you to think that! Our breasts may sag and our hips may fall flat and wrinkly, but aging has other benefits.

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Avon Fashions' Summer Collection

Avon accessories are getting better and better, don't you think? These pieces will speak for themselves:

The Spring Green Jewelry line has this faux jade centerpiece set in silver. It has tiny stones in an ornate pattern which I think makes it look oh-so sophisticated! The Spring Blossom Jewelry line, on the other hand, is gold with white enamel flowers and clear stones. 


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Inti-Mate Bra Converter is a bra saver

I once spent a summer working in the Senate for my practicum credits. I was often at Senate hearings and loved observing the senators as they fight to make the laws of our land. Since I was a member of a senator's staff, I get to sit directly behind the lawmakers and take notes. One day, Loren Legarda was presiding. She was wearing a fitted purple jersey top with 3/4 sleeves. Imagine my horror when I noticed that her bra straps were already down her arms! She probably couldn't feel it because her top was too tight!

Moral lesson of the story: even mega-rich senators wear bras with loose straps. If you love your old bras too much that you don't mind suffering through embarrassing booboos every time you wear them, then you shouldn't leave home without this!

IMG_9515 by project_vanity.

So what does Inti-Mate do? It simply holds your bra straps in an "x" across your back. This means that you don't have to worry about falling bra straps anymore! Aside from that, you'll be able to wear racer-back tees without having to show tacky bra straps.

IMG_9521 by project_vanity.

This product is especially helpful to women who like sports as well as those who are into sexy tops. Oh, it's also heaven sent for lazy daisies like me who absolutely hate removing convertible bra straps and criss-crossing them manually. It's so frustrating! And can get confusing. I know you know what I mean.

One pack contains three units in different colors: black, neutral, and clear. It's nice how they just bundled everything together for convenience! If I remember correctly, it's only P250 per pack.

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