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Liz Asks: What makeup look do you think isn't for you?

Isn't it unfair that you're the only one who gets to ask questions? Kidding aside I love how Project Vanity readers comment on the blog. Most of you are eloquent and intelligent, which means that I learn something new everyday. In fact, many readers here are scientists, lawyers, doctors, and PhD holders (for serious). That explains the quality of the comments!


That's you!

I want us to have lively discussions even if I don't get to reply as much as I would like. I read every single comment though, and sometimes if I have a few minutes I directly email commenters instead of replying on the website - I know, bad, but it's easier to email via phone versus loading everything! Anyway! Here's the first Liz Asks topic:

What makeup look do you think isn't for you? Why?


I'm sure there's one makeup product or look that you think looks terrible on your face. Before, I really didn't like mascara and matte lipsticks - they felt weird and uncomfortable. Sometimes though it's good to crawl out of our comfort zones to explore little things like new makeup or a new look.

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