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Beauty Roundup: A controversial line, out of this world highlighters, and jelly eyeshadows

The only thing spooky about this ghost month is the fact that it’s almost over. We’ve got a bunch of fun beauty discoveries plus a little bit of drama, too! This week, we’ve got the scoop on which actress is currently under fire for her controversial new collection, as well as deets on the super cute paint pots that we’re piling onto our (online) shopping carts. We’re also turning up the wattage on our glow game with hot drops from NikkieTutorials and Laura Mercier,

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Laura Mercier Week: Second Skin Cheek Colour in Plum Radiance

At first swatch, the Laura Mercier Second Skin Cheek Colour in Plum Radiance (P995) doesn't look like anything. It's barely visible and the color looks blah, too. But wait till you get it on your face with a proper blush brush. This formula turns into a glowing, "second skin" color on your cheeks!

This blush is perfect for people who don't like colors that sit like prissy princesses on top of their cheeks. It's sheer but easily built up, and the texture is just so that you don't pick up a load of powder after a brisk kiss with a brush. 

Staying power is decent at about four hours. Well, it doesn't promise to be long-wearing so I don't really mind.

Plum Radiance is a beautiful pink shade that leans towards plum, and dare I say, is there a hint of peach in the mix? It has fine shimmers that makes cheeks look dewy and fresh - not oily!

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Laura Mercier Week: Metallic Creme Eye Color

Need to dash out to a meeting in like 30 minutes so this would be a very quick post! Haha. Anyway, you already saw the Laura Mercier Metallic Creme Eye Color (P995) in action, which makes it easier for me to describe. This is a cream eyeshadow that comes in pro-looking silver tubes. Now I know you're thinking: buuuut it's metallic! How wearable could it be? I assure you that they're very nice on the lids, alone or mixed with other eyeshadows.  

These cream eyeshadows last around 3-4 hours without creasing if I'm not using primer. If I have primer though (which is normally the case), they pretty much stay on all day, with no creasing. Fingers could be used to apply them quickly, but I prefer to use my MAC 217 for a finer finish. I suggest you watch my video to see how I worked the product onto my lids. ;)

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Laura Mercier Week: Weightless Lip Colour in Play

Special occasions like weddings, debuts, corporate events, and what not might inspire us to be a little more creative when it comes to makeup. However, these are the worst occasions to mess around with something you haven't tried before. First, it can go horribly wrong and you might not have enough time to correct it. Second, it's possible that the look, while flawlessly executed, could become dated in two or five years. You don't want to check your pictures and think, damn what was I thinking at Sharon's wedding?

When in doubt, go classic and foolproof. If you're a manic cookie though, go ahead and wear something crazy. ;) Anyway! I thought I'd show you a gorgeous new lipstick from Laura Mercier, the Weightless Lip Colour in Play (P999). This will be out in Rustan's next month.

This lipstick feels super light on the lips, as the name suggests. It has no scent at all which makes it easy to forget as soon as you apply it. It's neither drying or moisturizing, so just wear a balm if you have to. Staying power is average at three hours. 

I love the sleek, classy tubes of Laura Mercier lipsticks

Play is a predominantly peach shade with lots of pink thrown in. Very pretty! The finish is frosty - usually a deal breaker for me - but it has a shiny yet delicate quality to it that just draws the eye. It's hard to describe, really, so I hope you can just watch the video tutorial where I featured the lipstick. 

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Laura Mercier Week: Foundation Primer in Radiance

A couple of weeks back, Rustan's sent me a few items from Laura Mercier's Spring 2014 Collection. This will be out in February, but I thought it'd be great to give you guys a full preview. I've already done a video tutorial featuring the products - that should give you an idea of how gorgeous the makeup is! But now it's time to get down to the nitty gritty.

This 2014, the beauty trend is along the lines of dewy, fresh skin. Heavy-looking, super matte bases are a huuuge no-no, and really, why bother? If you can get away with just a little makeup then that is precisely ALL you need! Take advantage of amazing technologies, such as a brightening base. Something like the Laura Mercier Foundation Primer in Radiance (P1,550).


What it is and what's it isn't. I initially thought that it's a primer for extending the wear of my foundation, but that is not the case. This is, more than anything else, a brightening base. It helps foundation glide on better, smoother. It makes your skin look more radiant and hydrated in the process due to the high water-content.

This is not an oil-controlling primer. Just wanna make that clear. However, if you have dull, sallow-looking skin, you'll love this! It perks up my skin in no time, without making it look shiny. It can subtly reflect the light back, thus blurring imperfections. I think this is a must-have if you're enjoying good skin and want to cut down on foundations and concealers. 

This is a more affordable dupe of the Becca Skin Perfector and the Bobbi Brown Illuminating Face Base which can easily cost over P2,500 here. ;)

Finish and texture. The product looks like tinted moisturizer off the tube, but don't be fooled. It's completely sheer! It does leave a gorgeous champagne glow though.

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Laura Mercier Creme Smooth Lip Color in Tamara Red

I unearthed the Laura Mercier Creme Smooth Lip Color in Tamara Red (P1,250 at Rustan's) while I was searching for something else entirely. I've had this for almost a year now but didn't get to wear it very often - why, I have no idea! This is a gorgeous color in an equally beautiful bullet. I don't know what's wrong with me.

The formula is a creamy but sticks and sets on the lips comfortably. It's opaque in one layer! Staying power is good, at three hours before it starts to fade. It leaves a nice, even stain even after I've eaten. You might need a lip balm to moisturize your lips beforehand though, since this lipstick can feel drying after a while (typical of longwearing formulas really).

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Laura Mercier Holiday 2012 offerings (with prices)

Would you believe that it was only a couple of weeks ago that I finally tried Laura Mercier? I mean I check it out in Rustan's every so often, but something else ends up catching my attention. I think it's high time to look closely at the brand and what it has to offer!

Laura Mercier started out as a painter in France, and then moved on to become a makeup artist to the biggest stars in the 80s and 90s. It was in 1996 when she built her own company. She is all about creating the flawless face, with focus on glowing, natural-looking skin. Most of her makeup are neutral but I observed that they come in quirky and interesting shades far removed from the usual browns.

Art Deco Muse, the Holiday 2012 Collection of Laura Mercier, is inspired by the decorative architecture, style, and mood of the Art Deco Period in Paris in the mid-1920s. The look features golds and bronzes paired with high-shine reds and deep blacks. The face is sculpted and nails in rich shades of blood red and noir.

Nail Lacquer (P745), Lip Lacquer / Glace (P995), Creme Smooth Lip Colour (P1,250), Faux Lash Mascara (P995), Caviar Eye Liner (P995), Second Skin Cheek Colour in Wild Bouquet (P995)

Eyeshadow singles (P950)

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