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Jane Iredale Magic Mitt: Removes makeup with only warm water

I was skeptical the first time I saw the Jane Iredale Magic Mitt (P895). A product that removes makeup only with warm water? Is that possible? Yes it is, actually, but warm water doesn't really take off makeup completely, especially mascara, eyeliner, and heavy concealer. You need an oil-based makeup remover for those products.

I saw the owner of Jane Iredale Philippines test the Magic Mitt on Shen around a month ago, but still, I didn't believe that it was an effective makeup remover. Until I tried it out for myself.  

What I LOVE about the product

  • The microfiber cloth removes makeup effectively and completely (not counting waterproof mascara) with only warm water. Water-soluble mascara/ mascara that dissolves with warm water, waterproof concealer, eyeliner, heavy liquid foundation, eyeshadow over primer, lipstick - the Magic Mitt takes it all off!
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Jane Iredale Mineral Makeup Starter Kit

Jane Iredale is one of the few brands that offer truly 100% mineral makeup. It costs a pretty penny - up there with Colorescience, just less expensive - but unlike cheaper MMU the efficacy and convenience of the products are compararable to high-end traditional makeup. If you have super sensitive skin, true mineral makeup is definitely the way to go.

I've heard so many good things about Jane Iredale way before, so I was psyched to try out their Starter Kit in Golden. It has everything a girl can need for a full face of makeup - tinted primer, foundation, concealer, blush, lip color, and even brushes! However, it's not something you should get for daily use since the products are in sample sizes. It's really more for people who want to try out JI makeup without paying full price.

After using it for a few weeks, here's my review of and recommendations for each product in the kit. You can buy them separately so you don't have to shell out the P5,000+ this Starter Kit costs. ;)

Pressed Mineral Powder with SPF20: This light coverage mineral powder is da bomb. It has a nice glowy finish that looks like skin, just better!

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This Saturday I'm thinking about...

Not makeup, that's for sure! Last Thursday, I had a very memorable afternoon at the Jane Iredale store in Evekal Building, Makati. The 100% pure mineral makeup brand is remarkable by itself (will talk about that soon), but what really sealed that day in my mind is the food. Yes, food. Stephanie Zubiri's Modern Epicurean Kitchen was the caterer that day and my god the food was good.

Jane Iredale store

Glorious food

I'm not a food writer so I don't have the vocab and know-how to rhapsodize about the dishes properly, but I hope the fact that I wrote about food here will convince you of its greatness.

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