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Ipanema Gisele Bündchen Hot Sands Collection

My oldest pair of Ipanema flipflops were from waaay back in 2009. I don't use them anymore mainly because they're at my mom's house (I keep forgetting to bring them here), but I'm happy to report that they're as good as new! The print has faded a bit, but the rubber isn't worn down or scuffed. They're quite sturdy and comfortable, to boot.

My current house slippers are Ipanema as well. The thick rubber feels so soft on my feet, and yes, they're also as good as new since I got them last year. They have lived through many out-of-town and mall trips!

My other pretty Ipanema flip flops

All my Ipanemas are well-worn yet they've withstood time in terms of quality and trendiness. I used to think that paying more than P1,500 for a pair of flipflops is ridiculous, but after two years of wearing this brand, I can confidently say that it's definitely worth it. They don't get outdated, they're comfy and sturdy at the same time.

Anyway, I'd just like to share Ipanema's new summer collection with you. It's called the Gisele Bündchen Hot Sands Collection. It was launched via a fashion show held at the SM Prestige Lounge, SM Megamall, featuring young models wearing Coco Cabaña’s swim wear creations complemented by colorful flipflops.

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Camp Nivea: Day 2

It was a bright Saturday that promised a lot of fun activities and a party that no one will forget. I was up early, puttering about the cabana, watching Shakespeare In Love. I was suffering from internet withdrawal! I totally regretted that I didn't bring my Mac. Still, with a view like this, it's hard to feel anxious.

It was a hot day. An extremely hot day, as in, when you go out you can literally feel the sun burning through your skin. And it was what, only 9am? Insane! However I had the chutzpah to stand in direct sunlight like this because I sprayed the Nivea sunblock on before I left the cabana. Take that, sun! Hah!

Here's Marbbie! FYI, we didn't coordinate our outfits. Ipanema gave me black strappy flipflops while they gave her the white version and somehow we just thought of wearing clothes to match them. It was so funny!

After breakfast we rode the coaster to the Upper Beach Club (around five minutes away from Club Punta Fuego). This is the view of the pool beside the Lower Beach Club.

Check out how unbelievably clear the waters are! I was two floors up from the ground when I took this photo.

This is what the word "azure" means

Had to turn away to get to work! These are the campers in a fashion workshop held by runway and events director Robby Carmona and designer Sassa Jimenez.

Here's a photo essay of everything that transpired on Day 2! (extremely photo heavy)

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