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Three contouring myths that may be scaring you off

If you have the cheekbones of a Roman goddess then woo good for you. Congratulations on your genetic good fortune! But if you're like me with a round face and chubby cheeks then contouring may be the best thing to slim down and/or define your face.

I'm not saying that you should hate yourself because your face is wide and/or fat. In fact you shouldn't hate yourself for anything you have or don't have if you are to be happy and productive! I for one love my face as it is, but sometimes when I'm off to special occasions I prefer a little bit of definition - for photos, more than anything. I look different in photos than I do in person, so I want to even out the odds in favor of getting a flattering shot. It's not like you can ask a blog or publication to delete a photo of myself just because I look muy terrible!

I have the impression that most girls in the Philippines aren't into contouring. Blush yes, but not contour. I can think of only three reasons this is so. Do you believe in these yourself? Here are three contouring myths that may be intimidating you - and why you shouldn't be at all!

"Contouring will make me look more tan." Bronzing can give you a tanned glow, but contour powders are usually matte and must be applied only on very specific areas of the face. They should only go on the cheekbones, temples, side of the nose, and jawline. If done correctly it shouldn't actually make your face look darker or your complexion, muddy!

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