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How to apply mascara

It's funny, but the first couple of years that I started wearing makeup, I rarely put mascara on. I thought it was an uneccessary part of my routine; why bother working on my lashes when an eyeliner could already give the illusion of a thick fringe? But I was wrong. Mascaras ARE important if you want your eyes to look more fresh and awake. There really is a difference!

Benefit They're Real Mascara 

I used to just swipe my mascara upwards a couple of times and called it a day. I mean, how complicated should it be? Put goop, exeunt. However, I've learned a few tricks along the way to maximize any mascara! It doesn't matter if you're using something cheapo or expensive. Use it the right way and you can get fab lashes each time.

Here goes!

Step 1: Curl. Curl your lashes, starting at the base then crimping it upwards, tilting the curler as you go. It's important to curl your lashes before mascara to get them to stay that way all day.

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