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Lipstick Week: Nichido High Definition Lipstick in Rouge Blossom

If there was a law limiting the number of hot pink lipsticks a person can own, I would already be in violation of it. Probably. I'm slightly afraid to count exactly how many hot pinks I have, but it appears that I still end up accumulating them! Not that I'm complaining, of course. I hope you don't mind, either, because today I have yet another smokin' pink to share with you guys.

I picked up the Nichido High Definition Lipstick in Rouge Blossom (P198) upon the recommendation of a sales attendant. This is apparently one of the best-selling shades from the Nichido HD Lipstick line - I had to try it out! It looked like a deep red-pink in the tube, perhaps something gothic at first glance, but it's undoubtedly a bright pink.

This is packed with pigment and opaque in only one layer. It doesn't have much oil or emollient in it, so you won't experience that creamy, slippery feeling like in more moisturizing lipsticks. This has a matte finish, and a slight powdery feel on the lips. It's not a bad thing. It feels like it's hugging my lips nicely, like it would stay on for hours.

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IN2IT Moisture Intense Lipstick in Pink Alarm

One time, while I was browsing the IN2IT lipstick display, the sales lady told me "Ma'am, you should try this shade, it's what models ask for!" It doesn't really take much to impress me so off I went with this hot pink number. Is it any good? Well duh, it's IN2IT! This brand never fails to come up with great products that won't hurt the wallet. 

The IN2IT Moisture Intense Lipstick in Pink Alarm (P375) is a bright, blue-based hot pink lipstick. It's one of those quietly popular things that are always sold out! I can see why, for other than the eye-catching color, the lipstick itself has no smell, no taste, and no overly-thick feel characteristic of drugstore lipsticks. Maybe that's why it's a bit more expensive than average.


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Hot pink lip colour: Three ways to wear it!

Hot pink lipstick - or any bright color for that matter - can be intimidating to wear if you're not used to the idea of it. I wrote a blog post on how to overcome your fear of bright lips so I do hope you can read that some time! ;)

Today I thought of doing three looks you can wear with a hot pink lip color. I was inspired by the Shiseido Rouge Lacquer in Disco since it's easily one of the brightest pinks I have! It rather fits my skin color well, and like I said in my review, it makes my teeth look whiter than normal. Not complaining. At least now I know what to pick up if I want to take a break from the usual teeth-whitening reds.

The looks range from simple, to fun, to dramatic. Enjoy!

Look #1: Sweet and simple. This is my default look for wearing bright pink lipstick! It's easy and quick, some of the reasons I would choose a bright lip color for the day.

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