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First look: Benefit Ultra Plush Lip Gloss in Hoola

Do you love Benefit's famous Box O' Powders - CORALista, Hervana, Bella Bamba, and Hoola, to name a few? Well, if you're a fan of those shades then you just might love their new Ultra Plush Lip Glosses (price TBA) inspired by their blushes. This new gloss is coming out on July worldwide (it's not yet out even in the US!), but since I got hold of one early I thought I'd do a review!

Okay, so! I've tried quite a few lip glosses in the past - high-end, low-end, thin like lipstick, thick like glue - but this is nothing like I've used before. (Maybe I should get out more? Hihi.) Anyway, I don't know what "ultra plush" means but this lip gloss must be it!

Feel and scent. It's super thin on the lips, like liquid lip balm if you can imagine that.

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