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Let's talk about scars and blemishes

I don't have any major scars thanks to the fact that my skin heals pretty well. I had a nasty bout with chickenpox when I was a high school junior, but most of the scars have faded way within two years. My childhood scars are still here, but they're hard to detect unless you look closely. So yeah, I am not that concerned about any skin disfigurement.

What I am obsessed about though are my face blemishes. While my skin heals easily, it also becomes damaged easily. I get a blemish whether I pop a pimple or not so I look like I have freckles when I'm not wearing concealer. If we are to be technical about it, I guess we can say that my face is full of small scars. Ugh. My only solace before is that the blemishes fade in a month, so I just buckle down and wait them out.

When Hiruscar sent me a tube a couple of weeks back, I practically forgot about it. But I had a crazy idea the other day - can Hiruscar remove blemishes?

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