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Eyebrow Makeup Week: Hayan Auto Eyebrow Pencil

Due to celebrities and perhaps even makeup bloggers, eyebrow makeup is now on top of the Filipina's to-buy list. I've heard a lot of brand managers say that eyebrow products are some of their most-requested items! This is not the case five years ago, when most of us was clueless about eyebrow makeup. 

You gotta love the Internet.

This week, I thought I'd pay homage to a product that I just can't survive properly without. I'll be discussing some eyebrow favorites, and (if time permits) do a video tutorial showing you my current technique! Do read back on my old eyebrow posts - I've already shared some awesome tutorials and reviews there.

Right, let's get the ball rolling! I'll begin with a P90 eyebrow pencil that I'm sure y'all would love (or at least like a lot). The Hayan Brown Auto Eyebrow Pencil in Dark Brown is an automatic pencil that comes with a spoolie on the other end. I like the neat packaging, the fine non-scratchy spoolie, and shade. 

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Hayan: Korean beauty on a budget

Have you guys heard of Hayan before? It's a Korean beauty brand that has been in the Philippines for a year now, with 18 branches already opened as of this month. It seems to be quietly successful so far - I can see why! Hayan's products are quite affordable. According to the brochure (which I will attach for your review later), there is nothing over P500 in the skincare line, and the P390 BB cream is the most expensive makeup they have. 

Of course, I had to try the makeup. I'm always on the lookout for inexpensive products to recommend to girls who want to beautify on a tight budget, particularly students who are building their first makeup kit. I'm happy to say that there are a few things here that are worth the purchase - whether you're trying to scrimp or not!

The packaging of Hayan products are surprisingly nice considering how affordable they are. Most of them come in a matte black box, with the appropriate product information. The cases look fairly sturdy and solid, again, not bad for the price.

The quality of the products are nice - some nicer than others, exceeding my expectations - but you do have to remember that they are affordable for a reason. :) They won't smell as good or feel as light as more expensive Korean brands. Imagine our local drugstore makeup, but Korean. They work well and look good, but you must adjust expectations.

That said, I want to show you a look I did with all of the Hayan stuff above. ^_^ I will also be discussing my favorites briefly!

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