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Guerlain Shine Automatique Lipstick in Pamplelune

No one makes lipsticks like Guerlain. The brand not only creates beautiful shades that end up being classic choices, the lipstick tubes themselves become collectors' items. It's not the sort of thing you get because you want a pretty shade of lipstick; it's something you buy for the explicit purpose of treating yourself, of owning something you'll keep for the next ten years at least.

I've already made my case for luxury in another post, so you can read that (and the comments) for a more in-depth discussion of spending for beauty products. :) Here I shall review the Guerlain Shine Automatique Lipstick in Pamplelune (P2,200).

Packaging. The Guerlain Shine Automatique line boasts of a one-gesture opening. It's unique because it has no cap, instead replacing it with a button that when pressed downwards opens the top to reveal the lipstick. I lost my composure there for a moment, saying "oooooh" aloud to myself the first time I opened the lipstick. LOL! It's fun. 

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