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Review and video blog: Elizabeth Arden Green Tea Cherry Blossom EDT

The more I like a scent the more sparingly I use it. Is that weird? Like good memories and golden moments, I just want to preserve it for as long as I can. I even have a flacon of perfume just barely half used after three years!

A strong candidate for my all-time favorites list is the Elizabeth Arden Green Tea Cherry Blossom EDT. I swear, it was love at first spray! The aromatic scent of green tea is perfectly melded with the sweet, dainty scent of the cherry blossom. It makes me feel happy, awake, and so feminine, like a lady who walks primly to high tea with her friends. 

The launch of this fragrance was memorable and intimate since Elizabeth Arden just invited a few beauty bloggers to a spa date (NEO Day Spa in The Fort - one of my fave escapes!). They also introduced the Aurora Collection, which is comprised of rosy, illuminating hues perfect for spring/summer.

What do you know, I have a video blog of the whole thing (shot by Marge Manabat). ;) Watch!

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NOTD: Green Tea

I bought this nail polish maybe two months ago, at the height of my green phase. I was looking for a nice yellow green, specifically! This nail polish called Cutex in Green Tea (P110) looked like the best choice out of all the colors in the mall at that time.

I applied it as soon as I got home but I was disappointed by how sheer it was. As in, it was super sheer. For a P110 nail polish, you'd think it would have more to offer. The drying time was also dismal plus you'll only get 7ml for your trouble.

Yesterday though I was looking for a new color to use, and decided to give Cutex another chance. These are the results, after FOUR layers:

I absolutely love the color on me.

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The beauty benefits of Green Tea
Traditionally, many types of make-uplotions, creams and beauty preparations have used chemical antioxidants, or vitamins AC and E as preservatives for their products. Now, with research indicating that green tea has even more antioxidant properties than these powerful vitamins, there is a surge in products capitalizing on its natural benefits.


A variety of encouraging studies reveal that the topical application of green tea extract provides broad-spectrum protection against skin aging. These published studies indicate that people can derive anti-aging benefits from green tea extract applied topically on a consistent basis. Animal and human studies have credibly demonstrated that topical green tea formulations reduce sun damage and skin cancer.
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Key ingredients of Asian Secrets


So you've read all the raves for Asian Secrets lulur on GirlTalk and on my posts. Have you ever wondered though - what makes Asian Secrets effective in terms of whitening and moisturizing? Well, some of its key ingredients are green tea, Vitamin E and squalane. They're nothing extraordinary since there are tons of beauty products featuring the same ingredients but together they are an unstoppable force.

IMG_9811 by project_vanity.

Green tea helps with sun protection and aging. It combats free radicals and reduce inflammation instead of blocking UV rays (which is what sunblock does). The result is smoother, more supple skin.

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