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NOTD: Green Tea

I bought this nail polish maybe two months ago, at the height of my green phase. I was looking for a nice yellow green, specifically! This nail polish called Cutex in Green Tea (P110) looked like the best choice out of all the colors in the mall at that time.

I applied it as soon as I got home but I was disappointed by how sheer it was. As in, it was super sheer. For a P110 nail polish, you'd think it would have more to offer. The drying time was also dismal plus you'll only get 7ml for your trouble.

Yesterday though I was looking for a new color to use, and decided to give Cutex another chance. These are the results, after FOUR layers:

I absolutely love the color on me.

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FOTD: Chocolate mint

I know that I don't have any earth-shattering new tips and techniques in applying makeup - I don't use crazy colors and I have a pretty standard way of doing eyeshadows - but I share my FOTDs mainly because I want to document what I wore and hopefully give you an idea of how to better maximize the colors you have. My philosophy in makeup (and style) is simple: have fun, but make it wearable.

So yes, green again. I've been wearing some form of green all week! I don't have any particular explanation, I just like it right now. Here I have mint on my lids.

Face: NARS Sheer Glow Foundation, MAC Studio Finish concealer, Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer Kit (for dark circles), Clinique translucent loose powder, Guerlain Meteorites

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