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FOTD: Pink, gold, and daring fuchsia

My go-to lipstick lately is my Revlon Colorburst in Fuchsia. For this look, I challenged myself to come up with an eyeshadow combination that will not clash with the loud lip. I thought of warm colors like gold and pink to flatter my skin tone as well as lend a hand in accentuating the fuchsia!

IMG_9989 by project_vanity.

Photo tutorial up ahead.

Step 1: Pat a warm pink eyeshadow (Urban Decay's Sphynx) all over the lid. 

IMG_0180 by project_vanity.

IMG_0174 by project_vanity. IMG_0175 by project_vanity.

Step 2: Pat on a gold eyeshadow (Twice Baked) on the outer third of your lid.

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